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I'm in my 30s, but I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia at 12 years old so I've been struggling with related issues for a very long time. Conventional medicine never helped very much, but when I discovered natural medicine and therapeutic foods in 2004, I slowly began to recover and find relief from the endless migraines, chronic pain, hormone imbalances, and mood swings. I'm still on this journey to better health, but I love sharing my experiences with others along the way. I'd love if you used my referral code TEP756 to place an order -- you will get $5 or $10 off your order, and it will help me try more products too. ;)

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My staple aloe! My skin and my gut loves it.

Posted by stephd on July 11 2010 | Verified Purchase

I always keep a jug of George's on hand. I love this stuff -- best aloe I've ever tried for topical or internal use! I take it internally upon occasion when I'm having digestive problems but I use it daily in a spray bottle for my sensitive skin. Actually, I have an old George's spray bottle and an old rosewater bottle filled with aloe so I can keep one by my bed upstairs and one in the fridge downstairs. :) I also apply it to my face with a cotton pad as a toner after washing my face. I'm fairly active person, and the sun and wind isn't always kind to me here in California, but George's always soothes my skin and eases any discomfort. It soaks in immediately and doesn't leave a weird residue.

Thanks for your feedback!

Love this stuff.

Posted by stephd on May 19 2011 | Verified Purchase

I was diagnosed with bipolar II about 10 years ago but found that the drugs were too strong for my particular issues and had too many side effects (in fact, my doctor and I discovered that antidepressants were causing this so-called bipolar disorder). As a result, I made some lifestyle changes and turned to nutritional supplements to help with the mood issues. Calm & Calmer was probably the 5th "stress relief" supplement I tried, and the only one that A) always made me feel better and B) didn't make me sleepy. As a result, I've been taking it for six or seven years. I think it also helps me control my stress eating. I love this stuff, and it's helped a lot of other people too -- I recommend it all the time to friends and family who need something to control their stress and anxiety levels.

Thanks for your feedback!

Rich, delicious, fruit-filled preserves

Posted by stephd on March 16 2011 | Verified Purchase

This is a truly superior product at an amazing price. I'm not even a big preserves/jelly/jam eater, but this stuff is so tasty that I crave it on my toast, English muffins, mixed with fruit to make a compote for waffles... yum! IMHO, the fruit flavors are so rich and sweet that you just need a touch on your food, which makes the jar last longer than other preserves. It's chunky but it's still easy to spread right out of the fridge. I bet this would be amazing paired with something savory, like a sharp cheese & hearty crackers, or with a pork tenderloin roast (perhaps diluted to use as a glaze, or just served on the side as a sweet topping)... really, you've got to try this stuff!

Thanks for your feedback!

heaven in a bar.

Posted by stephd on April 4 2012 | Verified Purchase

These are so delicious. I love the flavor -- sweet yet savory, with a good chew (but not so jerky-like that it wears out your jaw!) I'd choose these over a grain/soy-based bar ANY day of the week. I do wish they cost a little less so I could eat them more often, but I understand that Tanka is more of a small, artisan company, not a mass-production outfit. Highly recommend these to anybody looking for a natural, low-carb, gluten-free, Paleo-friendly snack.

Thanks for your feedback!

Goes down easy

Posted by stephd on January 28 2013 | Verified Purchase

Really smooth and balanced flavor -- an enjoyable cup from beginning to end! I actually prefer white tea to green tea because they have similar characteristics but the delicate white tea flavor profile is so nice in comparison to the bite of green tea. I also appreciate that this tea is full of large leaves and not all ground up and powdery like many inferior brands. I plan to try more varieties from Just a Leaf based upon this purchase.

Thanks for your feedback!

good everyday moisturizer with no weird smell

Posted by stephd on September 3 2014 | Verified Purchase

I love this moisturizer because it never feels heavy or greasy, never irritates my skin, and doesn't smell funky! I have sensitive combination skin (I'm in my 30s) and a lot of creams just don't work for me. So many creams contain a chemical that burns my face or they're too greasy/oily -- not the EFAs Cream. Reliable! I don't need moisturize all the time on all of my face either, but I do get dry patches at times (especially in the winter or when i'm visiting the desert). This cream is perfectly light and comfortable to wear, even in the summer, as long as I don't put it on my oily spots.

Thanks for your feedback!

I'm finally going to give up PB!

Posted by stephd on January 25 2011 | Verified Purchase

I disagree with the other commenter that this tastes "nothing" like peanut butter. Sure, straight out of the jar, it wouldn't fool me. But it's certainly much closer to natural peanut butter in texture and flavor than anything else I've tried, especially compared to almond butter. Also, when used in baking, and spread on apples/carrots/celery, I really can't taste much difference. It's creamy, smooth, and delicious... the flavors of the tahini and cashew meld together wonderfully. I've been moderately allergic to peanut butter for most of my life but have never been able to totally give it up because I was so hooked on the delicious peanut-buttery flavor. I've tried all kinds of nut butters and they all disappointed me. This stuff, however, has made me decide to give up peanut butter for good! I know my body will thank me. One other perk -- most nut butters (especially almond butters) get rock-solid after refrigeration, but not this stuff. A quick stir makes it spreadable again. Perfect!

Thanks for your feedback!

When it works... it really works!

Posted by stephd on January 12 2012 | Verified Purchase

With homeopathics, if the symptoms don't match up with the remedy, then it just doesn't work, but when it does -- it's fabulous! My partner had a horrendous migraine on top of prepping for a colonoscopy, so she was miserable. Normally she will take aspirin in combination with other drugs but she isn't allowed to take them before the procedure. I remembered that I had this in the medicine cabinet (it works for some of my migraine and cluster headaches so I keep it on hand) and it's not a blood thinner, so I made her take a couple of them under her tongue. Within half an hour, her headache was gone! She's so relieved.

Thanks for your feedback!

Works just as well as my Rx did!

Posted by stephd on March 15 2011 | Verified Purchase

I was prescribed some very expensive drugs for chronic asthma problems that have flared up since moving to an urban area and living with 4 cats in 650 sq ft. I couldn't afford to keep shelling out a hundred dollars a month or more for those drugs, plus I was experiencing side effects, but when I stopped taking them, I needed to use my rescue inhaler far too often. Fortunately, I remembered this product from when I worked at a health food store and I ordered a bottle to give it a try. I started taking two of these every evening and I noticed a drastic reduction in how often I would wake up in the morning and need to use my inhaler. When I started taking it morning and night, I didn't have to use my inhaler at ALL except during very rigorous physical exertion. If I forget it for a couple of days, I notice my asthma comes back again. This Ivy extract is obviously working! As a side note, these tablets are very small and easy to swallow, and they don't have a funny taste. (Now I'm seriously thinking about mailing a bottle of the liquid to a friend who has asthmatic children!)

Thanks for your feedback!

Soothing relief for suspected ulcer

Posted by stephd on October 18 2011 | Verified Purchase

My partner has experienced stomach pain first thing in the morning or after drinking coffee or eating other acidic foods, so I got these for her. She's experienced gradual improvement since purchasing them -- she definitely feels less and less pain. I'm having her take up to 6 a day, in between and before meals. Also, I think Enzymatic has improved the flavor since I last tried them a few years ago. Not bad tasting at all, kind of malty.

Thanks for your feedback!

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