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I live overseas and have trouble finding basic snacks, ingredients for cooking, personal care items, and etc. This page is a record of the products I've tried and my opinions on them.

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High quality product for ground coffee

Posted by thocolate on March 4 2017 | Verified Purchase

I've tried this product and the French roast. This is definitely smoother than the French roast and has caramel and chocolate tones in it. I think both are good, but this is safer if you're afraid of the darker roasts. I like using it on drip with a paper filter.

Thanks for your feedback!

No lingering taste

Posted by thocolate on May 19 2017 | Verified Purchase

The one thing I don't like about toothpaste is that it leaves my mouth feeling dry and affects my tastebuds for long after. This has mint in it, but it doesn't do that. Also, it doesn't irritate my gums like average toothpastes. I actually went down to brushing my teeth one a day with my other toothpaste because it bothered me so much, but now I use this at night and it doesn't bother me before I go to sleep.

Thanks for your feedback!

My cats liked it. Wish there was no garlic in it

Posted by thocolate on January 28 2017 | Verified Purchase

I'm always looking for additional nutrition for my cats because cat food where I live does not have to meet specific standards for pets. My cats quickly got used to the powder, but the first few ingredients are plants and sugar. I guess as a supplement and not the primary food, it's okay, but I really don't like that there is garlic in the supplement and I'm not sure why they put that in there unless cats can eat garlic now. Overall, it's a bit expensive.

Thanks for your feedback!

Makes my stomach hurt

Posted by thocolate on May 27 2017 | Verified Purchase

These make my stomach hurt every time within 30 minutes of taking them. The pills are also difficult to swallow and get caught in the back of my throat. I usually don't have trouble swallowing pills.

Thanks for your feedback!

Made nice corn tortillas for enchiladas.

Posted by thocolate on March 12 2017 | Verified Purchase

Made nice corn tortillas for enchiladas. Was easy to do. Just make sure that you knead your dough until it is smooth. The recipe says you can just use a spoon, but I think not.

Thanks for your feedback!

Provides quite a punch

Posted by thocolate on May 12 2017 | Verified Purchase

This is a strong tasting syrup. I have chronic sinus infections and get colds as well, so I was looking for something to boost my immune system and I think I got this on sale. I like that it's not in pill form.

Thanks for your feedback!

Good. Could be great.

Posted by thocolate on April 11 2017 | Verified Purchase

I liked these, but I thought they could have been softer. They were a little too sweet and too sour. For me, the flavor was just a bit off for five stars. I usually don't like the taste of brown rice syrup, so I wish they would replace it with something else.

Thanks for your feedback!

Not good for pie crust

Posted by thocolate on April 11 2017 | Verified Purchase

I used this to make a pie crust from a recipe I found online and it didn't taste very good, but the texture was there. This is really better for cakes or cookies -- not bread or any recipe where flour is the main ingredient. If you need a tablespoon of gluten-free four for a recipe, it is convenient.

Thanks for your feedback!

Good. Interesting.

Posted by thocolate on December 1 2016 | Verified Purchase

I bought this because I thought it would be nice for something different. It's interesting because when you get to the almond butter, your mouth realizes that it's not peanut butter and then the salt comes through. I think it's too salty because I can't taste much else. That being said, if you're a salty nut butter person, this might be for you. I subtracted one star just because I didn't think it was as palatable as peanut butter.

Thanks for your feedback!

Good, but a little gummy

Posted by thocolate on December 17 2016 | Verified Purchase

I thought that the first ingredient was 'brown rice flour', but it's actually 'sweet brown rice flour' which is 'mochi rice flour' and this gives the pancakes a gummy bite. They are crispy on the outside and brown really nicely like real pancakes, but this is really better as a waffle mix. As a pancake, the flavor doesn't develop, so you would need to add sugar, fruit, or something else to the mix. I wouldn't use this for pancakes if I had other options. Also, these turn out better if you're working at room temperature. I added frozen blueberries and was surprised when the first pancake hadn't finished cooking in the middle.

Thanks for your feedback!

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