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I have been using alternative medicine for 20+ years. I’m passionate about learning all I can to help me and my loved ones to maintain or return to radiant health. I love reading reviews on iHerb, *and* I trust my own doctors and my body’s wisdom to determine what is right for me. I’m committed to shopping locally…and often iHerb has the very best prices I can find, so I’m a happy shopper here as well. Thank you for visiting my page. Be well and happy! :)

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A wonderful, unique one could steal my iHerb office pen!

Posted by WildSweetVermont on Jun 27, 2012 | Verified Purchase

I loved your wonderful recycled pens, and hope you will bring them back! Luckily I have a few floating around my house... :)

Thanks for your feedback!

Not only sugar-free, but actually good for teeth!

Posted by WildSweetVermont on Jun 26, 2012 | Verified Purchase

I like the green tea flavor for a change. While I can find other flavors of this line in my local health food store, I can't get the green tea flavor so I buy it here at iHerb. It's a clean kind of green tea taste, and xylitol has been shown to actually be good for our teeth.

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Taste takes a little getting used to but well worth it!

Posted by WildSweetVermont on Jul 03, 2012 | Verified Purchase

I avoid glycerin in toothpastes, so I appreciate this glycerin-free tooth powder. I have used it on and off for years. Sometimes I switch off at times and fall for a yummier toothpaste, but check out those ingredients, even on the natural brands. They are yummy because of all of the added sweeteners. I would not buy this powder for the taste per se, though after a while it's not bad. I continue to come back to it again and again over the years because it cleans well, my dentist thinks my teeth are strong, and I appreciate the lack of glycerin and sweeteners. I shake a little into my dry palm and press my wet toothbrush into it with the other hand, then brush or scoop the powder up from my palm if I need to. When I pour it onto my toothbrush, I find I get too much or loose too much, and end up with an amount that tastes bitter to me.

Thanks for your feedback!

Now available from Naka Herbs here at iHerb

Posted by WildSweetVermont on Jul 30, 2012 | Verified Purchase

I was worried when I saw that A Vogel Hubner Original Silica Gel was discontinued from iHerb that this classic supplement had disappeared from production, but I see that it is now available from Naka herbs and Vitamins Ltd. The Stephen Buhner connective tissue protocol for those with Lyme disease includes silica supplementation. Many report Biosil makes a big difference for them, but if it doesn’t or you want to just try something else, give this silica a try. Unlike the watery drops of Biosil, this is a thick gel that needs refrigeration. It was the first silica I ever used, many years ago, and widely considered one of the best for healing and strengthening skin, nails, connective tissue, tendons, and hair. The picture on the front reflects the fact that it is made from quartz crystals. I have experienced profound healing with this one. Note that it may take weeks or months depending on your own health situation, it does tend to work gradually. Highly, highly recommended!

Thanks for your feedback!

Fresh and delicious--I like it iced!

Posted by WildSweetVermont on Jun 24, 2012 | Verified Purchase

Delicious and refreshing when iced. I love the mango scent and taste. For the best taste with green tea use hot water that has not yet reached the boiling point and just a minute or two of steeping so it doesn't get bitter. I sometimes use it iced as an ingredient in my green smoothies for extra antioxidants and more flavor than just adding water. For iced tea I steep it extra long since it will get diluted. ;)

Thanks for your feedback!

Sorry to see this yummy lip balm is discontinued!

Posted by WildSweetVermont on Jul 12, 2012 | Verified Purchase

Great fresh minty taste and smell, a very healing balm for dry chapped lips.

Thanks for your feedback!

Surrounded by sick people at work, this was my secret weapon for staying well!

Posted by WildSweetVermont on Jul 31, 2012 | Verified Purchase

I'll always be grateful that my co-worker shared that this was *her* secret weapon against sickness: Source Naturals Wellness Formula Herbal Defense Complex. We just called it "Wellness" for short. I had noticed that my colleague didn't seem to be out sick as often as everyone else, and I asked her why. We worked with a lot of very sick clients with all sorts of health conditions, and co-workers were regularly calling in sick with everything that was going around from colds and flu to stomach virus and more all year round, not just during flu season. Once I started taking these I just did not get sick with any of the things that were being passed around. I agree with another reviewer who pointed out that these tablets are especially helpful when taken at the first signs that you are getting sick or feeling unwell. Remember to always check with your own doctor to make sure that a supplement is right for you and won't interfere with other things you are taking, etc. Here's to your own fabulous wellness! :)

Thanks for your feedback!

Gluten free sample

Posted by WildSweetVermont on Jun 26, 2012 | Verified Purchase

Received as a sample, but the line has been discontinued at iHerb.

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Hands felt clean not dry, no heavy alcohol scent

Posted by WildSweetVermont on Jul 02, 2012 | Verified Purchase

Mild citrus scent, non-drying, didn't leave my hands sticky or tacky.

Thanks for your feedback!

Free tips for managing stress--thanks!

Posted by WildSweetVermont on Aug 15, 2012 | Verified Purchase

Basic info but very practical. Sometimes we just need reminders of what we may already know but forget to practice. Thanks! :)

Thanks for your feedback!

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