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As good as we were told!

Posted by Zambini on Feb 03, 2008 | Verified Purchase

After diagnosing a family member with adrenal fatigue, we got this product on the recommendation of several other users. We didn't have high hopes, since the complaints had spanned years without releif. A few day after starting on the adrenal cortex, the family member called me and let me know how it was going. His relief of adrenal symtpoms were not only near immediate from the 1st day of taking the product, but actually also quite amazing. He was very happy with the relief he felt, energy level and concentration ability. I will definitely recommend this to anyone who is suffering adrenal fatigue symptoms.

Thanks for your feedback!

OOOps - Now with Fluoride - Surprise

Posted by Zambini on Dec 26, 2008 | Verified Purchase

Guess we didn't expect to find Healthy Mouth toothpaste with fluoride in it. We actually have purchased healthy mouth toothpaste regularly. This time somehow got Gel with Fluoride. Watch closely, don't let the name fool you. 4 tubes wasted. :-(

Thanks for your feedback!

Great for Ganglion Cyst

Posted by Zambini on Aug 08, 2008 | Verified Purchase

Picked our Topricin up at the Chicago Health Freedom Expo. It was for my brother, son-in-law and husband, all who have had joint and muscle injuries. We were happy with how the samples we tested at the Expo worked, so got some to bring home. I had a recent reason to use it myself, as repetitive step stool climbing painting a new house caused injury which resulted in two ganglion cysts on my foot. It was painful before the cysts presented, but some Topricin once a day helped. A few days after the pain the cysts presented, and as I learned what they were, decided to try the Topricin on them. I applied it up to 5 times daily and the first 24 hours the bumps receded to a swelling. After 3 days, the area looks like water retention and the serious pain is gone, just a little burning. I'm expecting after a week of Topricin, this will all just be a memory. I don't know what I would have used had I not had the Topricin on hand. It has replaced Arnica in our cabinet (it contains Arnica as well as other homeopathic ingredients). I also don't know what the doctor's bill I just avoided would have been, but I'd say the Topricin has MORE than paid for itself. I hadn't thought to check for it at iHerb before, but am happy to see, as usual, an amazingly great price! I'll be getting my replacement tube here.

Thanks for your feedback!

Combatting Viruses

Posted by Zambini on Apr 30, 2008 | Verified Purchase

I added this anti-viral last to my husband's virus battle. The other additions only noted slight improvement in his over all well being. The L-Lysine from Twin Labs though made a big WOW effect his very first week of use. Latent viruses was the issue I had best identified for him. The first week he noted improved energy, less muscle soreness, and within two weeks a decrease in his warts - a life long battle. I'd drop all the other anti-viral supplements before considering eliminating this one. That is - until I'm sure we've successfully defeated the latent viruses for good.

Thanks for your feedback!

Seems extra refined for turbinado

Posted by Zambini on Dec 26, 2008 | Verified Purchase

Usually get bulk turbinado at the health food store. Will definitely keep doing that. The Now Turbinado seemed a bit refined, very fine, almost like colored white processed sugar. Less flavor than usual turbinado.

Thanks for your feedback!

Very Nice Surprise

Posted by Zambini on Apr 24, 2009 | Verified Purchase

I've tried many bars. I like bars, and enjoy the ease of traveling with them. Most of the time, they are too expensive to justify the less than stellar taste. This time though, I was pleasantly surprised. I had my son bring me a glass of milk in case I needed to change the taste in my mouth quickly. I noted what seemed to be chocolate chips in the bar, and was a bit more leary of trying. Finally, though, I took a bite. It did taste good. It probably even rivals Larabar's flavor. Very full, rich and satisfying is what I'd say. I'm here not just to rate it, but to order a box for traveling cross country. I'm always looking for good calories on the road, while waiting to find an appropriate place for a meal. This will definitely be a good option.

Thanks for your feedback!

Great choice

Posted by Zambini on Dec 02, 2007 | Verified Purchase

I read a lot of labels and decided to try this enzyme first. I won't need to try another. It has made a huge difference, and I have recommended it to others who noticed and immediate improvement when adding this to their meal plan. If you are considering taking an enzyme to supplement digestion, I would highly recommend this one.

Thanks for your feedback!

Great Product

Posted by Zambini on Jun 09, 2008 | Verified Purchase

I use veggie rotini a lot for pasta salads and other favorite recipes. Unfortunately, they are getting harder to find. had never tried Eden, as it was not available to me. Oftentimes, I'm leery of trying new pastas because they don't cook well, or stay formed without falling apart. This was a WINNER! It cooked easily, without loosing it shape. I could stir it into a pasta dish, without mangling the noodles. And, the taste was excellent. It's our new favorite.

Thanks for your feedback!

My son definitely noticed a difference

Posted by Zambini on Apr 03, 2009 | Verified Purchase

Got for my son. I also got him a support truss. He definitely noticed less pain with the pills, which came first, but it took almost a whole bottle. We decided to order another bottle, and he took those while wearing the truss. The combination of the two made him much more comfortable. The hernia is obviously still there when he doesn't use the truss, but not causing pain and not getting larger. We are going to try a few more bottles of the hernease, then reassess to see if maybe we can just stop.

Thanks for your feedback!

One of the best bars out there

Posted by Zambini on Dec 26, 2008 | Verified Purchase

Have used Grandpa's oatmeal for years and love it. Use it for hands, face and body. If you are dry it can be a bit drying, follow it with some coconut oil and all it wonderful though!

Thanks for your feedback!

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