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iHerb Customer
February 18 2020
Works for a man with short hair? What kind of effect, is it a matte or oily? Thanks
iHerb Customer
February 18 2020
Best Answer
This product is misnamed in my opinion, "hair pomade" to me at least describes a product that is closer to clay than to wax. I couldn't if it would work for "short" hair as that is open to interpretation(some will say short is 3cm or less, others might say its anything that doesn't cover your ears). The "effect" is definitely oily, the hold is more of a "weak" than "medium" described by the manufacturer. If your goal is to sleek your hair back(assuming your hair is soft) and and give it some shine, this product is for you. If on the other hand you want to stand your hair up, it won't work.
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