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November 21 2017
The back label is from the old bottle. Where did the Quali-C go? Why do you advertise as if it's still in the product? Please submit the real ingredients iHerb?
iHerb Customer
December 6 2017
Best Answer
The Quali-C brand assures us its non GMO so I would think its not your typical ascorbic acid. Sourced from Asia rather than China made in Scotland. I hope its on the bottle I just ordered.
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iHerb Customer
November 27 2017
Verified Purchase
The back label on the bottle of this product that I ordered a month ago still has "Quali-C" listed in the ingredients and the label is identical to the one shown on the iHerb website so I did not notice any irregularities with the product labeling. Anyway I don't think it is a big deal as "Quali-C" is just a trade name that Doctor's Best uses for what is essentially just ascorbic acid.
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