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October 24 2017
How long does it take them to work? When am I supposed to see results? Been taking them for 3 days now and I don’t see any results.
June 9 2018
Best Answer
They begin to work within hours of being consumed. The first signs of them working are gas - the signs of a turf war between these probiotics and less desirable gut bacteria. There are no obvious signs that they are working - i.e your hair doesn`t suddenly become shiny, etc. You might notice improvement in bowel movements i.e. frequency, consistency, and color changes suggesting better digestion. You have to keep taking them, knowing that they generally mostly pass out of your digestive system along with other digested goods. To help set up self-sustaining colonies in your gut, you need to also consume plants and fruits since probiotics need fiber to feed them.
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iHerb Customer
November 27 2018
take daily over time will improve
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