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iHerb Customer
February 6 2018
How can this product be soy-free when its main ingredient is natto??
iHerb Customer
July 3 2018
Best Answer
the bacterium used to ferment soybean completely processes and changes properties
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iHerb Customer
November 28 2018
Soy is actually a very healthy food. All Japanese, Chinese and other parts of East Asian consume large amounts of soy products in so many forms, mostly unfermented and enjoy far better health than Americans who hardly consume soy products in comparison. There is nothing wrong with soy until it is genetically modified. Monsanto's GMO soy was genetically engineered to resist the effect of glyphosate (aka Round up) sprays and so GMO soys can be sprayed with glyphosate to the farmer's content and they won't die. Only all the other weeds in the field would die. This means by the time of harvest, the GMO soy beans has already absorbed so much toxic glyphosate inside the beans and that is why GMO soy is bad for you. That is the real reason for the fear of soy. Non-GMO soy on the other hand is health enhancing., but not many people know that, due to the hysterical rumor about soy in general. Glyphosate has been found to cause cancer and symptoms identical to celiac disease.
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nuts amuck
July 17 2018
isn't natto made from barley?
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