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iHerb Customer
November 6 2017
Hi, I just purchased 10 bottles of 5mg Natrol Melatonin from you.I specifically need it without Vit B6, which I am allergic to. I wish to exchange for the 10mg which do not contain the Vit B6. Is this possible please. It is the only thing which helps me with sleep since contracting Lymes. I will order the the correct one now. But I really would like to return the all these unopened bottles. Thank you Gary Biddle.
iHerb Customer
November 27 2017
Verified Purchase
Best Answer
Hi Gary, I am not sure why Iherb selected me to reply to your email. I am a regular user of mg of this product. Also unsure about Vit B6 but since you mentioned it I went to check the 5 MG btl here and realised it does indeed contain Vit B6. I am sorry to hear about your allergies.
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