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RECIPE INSIDE! Great tasting & Highly nutritious as well !...

Posted by PracticalReviews on Oct 11, 2012 | Verified Purchase

i took this brand because of its high magnesium value,first time i'm checking this,its a really great way to get your dense nutrition in instead of synthetic vitamins - in addition to the high amount of magnesium,dietary fiber and iron the company didn't mention its one of the best foods for the B vitamin complex yielding high amounts of Thiamin,Niacin & B6 which is key,i guess there's a good reason most multivitamins has high amounts of B's but here you get it from nature itself and not synthesized and its also good alternative for those sensitive flora to yeast which also contain the B complex naturally.oh,and i completely forgot to let you know it has a mild sweetness to it which goes great on top of beverages and such,but not so soluble in water though.i'm not the cooking kind of guy but i am sure it will fit perfectly in a healthy cake or cookies,no doubt,and try adding molases to the recipe for both healthier and delicious cooking. here's a healthy beverage recipe that i do use this product for: 1 tsp of Cacao,half tsp of Maca and 1 tbsp of Molsses,2 chocolate tablets and the smallest amount of salt,mix all together with a cup of hot water & wait for it to be cold enough to drink,then add a handful of Goji berry / lycium berry & coconut chips above-thats it you're ready to go.plus,for a healthier dish although the texture won't be as appealing you can add half a tbsp of flaxseed and the other half chia seeds and a full tbsp of poppy seeds all grinded together in a coffee grinder,and put this on top of the liquid ,very healthy and very tasty as well.i often add add vanilla extract and a tsp of rice bran in the first segment,and sometimes i also add nutiva's hempseeds and/or half a tsp of cordyceps powder but it doesn't taste as good as the original recipe....you are welcome to rate & read my other reviews .

Thanks for your feedback!

Put the bran back in your rice

Posted by GrumpyMcSleepyhead on Nov 02, 2017 | Verified Purchase

I add one tablespoon of rice bran per two cups of cooked white rice, and it's almost like changing it back to brown rice. Works in smoothies, too.

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Good fiber

Posted by nattfisk on Jul 09, 2012 | Verified Purchase

A really tasty way to get some good fiber from our friend, the rice. A very good product to blend into smoothies, to oatmeal or muesli and to use when baking. I'm very happy with this product, and I notice that the fiber it contains helps to keep my bowel movements normal. It also contains B vitamins, which is great.

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For use only in microscopy

Posted by iHerb Customer on Aug 14, 2017 | Verified Purchase

Ordering the rice bran from iHerb was easy and the product arrived soon after having been ordered. However, only a tiny amount of less than 1 g of the rice bran was needed to obtain micrographs (images at a high magnification using an electron microscope) for a scientific paper to compare it with other kinds of bran like wheat bran and oat bran. No manufacturer in Canada the United States contacted by e-mail was willing to provide such a tiny sample in exchange for an acknowledgment of the donation in my paper on rice to be published (some kind of free advertising in a scientific magazine) plus five micrographs to show the bran particles at various magnifications (maybe to be used for the desk of an executive officer). Rice bran seems to be available online only after e-mail contacts and calls to various stores and store chains (including Bulk Barn) in Canada have failed to identify a single retailer carrying it. One medium-size health food store chain in Ottawa, Ontario, ordered it for me but later informed me that my order had been cancelled by the supplier. Following these disappointments, I followed the advice of a Bob's Red Mill representative (who initially denied my wish for a small sample) and I ordered it online from iHerb. Even there, I wondered whether I was willing to pay the shipping charge of about $45 which was offered first and only a more thorough search for other shipping options revealed a more reasonable charge of about $12 for the $5 package. Otherwise, ordering the bran from iHerb was easy and the bran arrived soon afterwards, thank you. If the bran is supposed to be nutritionally so excellent that its benefits are mentioned in many articles, I am puzzled by the difficulty to buy it (as a rice by-product and not a unique item!) directly at some well-known food store or health-food store, particularly since the bran received had been "stabilized". This "review", which I would rather classify as "comments", is evidently not for the general public but for the manufacturers in Canada and the USA. Unless their rice bran becomes competitive with wheat or other kids of bran, I will continue cooking with the soft wheat or hard wheat bran. My "star rating" is meaningless. I have not used that bran in the kitchen yet, I will do so only after I am done with its microscopy. Thank you. Best wishes, Miloslav Kalab www.magma.ca/~scimat/ [email protected]

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Posted by CIPRIAN on Aug 24, 2012 | Verified Purchase

very good quality, works in smoothies for volume.

Thanks for your feedback!

1-5 of 5 total