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100% Effective

Posted by iHerb Customer on January 14 2013 | Verified Purchase

I've never reviewed a product before but this deodorant deserves to be be praised. I've never found a truly effective anti perspirant/odour blocking natural deodorant and have tried many. Until now. In recent 43c heat here in Australia (105 farenheit approx) and doing manual work, this product performed brilliantly. I highly recommend this. The only slight down side is that the shape of the bottle can make it difficult to grip while spraying.

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It works! It really works!

Posted by vinetu28 on July 25 2012 | Verified Purchase

WOW!! THIS STUFF IS AMAZING. It works in humidity, it works through a whole, long sticky day, it works so you just smell like you. So, I have a super over-achieving armpit (yes, too much info perhaps, but relevant). PLUS, I live now in a SUPER humid region. With those two problems plaguing me, I have tried *EVERYTHING* Degree, Mitchums, Toms of Maine, Natures Gate, Dessert Essence, Certain Dri, Soft & Dri, rock deodorants... you get the picture. NOTHING worked. In an hour or so, even with relatively little physical exersion, I would smell myself (yuck) despite being a really clean kind of person. I ran across this stuff and as always, bought a bottle out of desperation. THIS WORKS, IT WORKS ALL DAY, I NEVER EVER EVER SMELL NOW, AND IT'S FABULOUS!! It has NO fragrance added either, so you neither stink nor smell like a big fake bouquet of perfume soaked flowers! I LOVE THIS STUFF. Plus, if you spray it onto your clothes at all, NO staining or visibility at all. Heck yeah! I've since tried two other brands of spray "natural" deos... They are *NOT* the same. They last for a few hours... then the humidity wins.ONLY this brand works consistently, but it's hard to find. The only cons... if you are looking for an *anti-perspirant*, it does not help (nor does it claim to). It is DEODORANT ONLY, so you still sweat through your shirt if you're somewhere super humid (thank you, tank tops). An ingredient in antiperspirants has proven to have dangerous effects on some people's glands, so I chose to sweat. Also, as already mentioned, it can be quite tricky to locate at a local store (I've seen similar brands, but not this~ the best). But thank GOODNESS for this stuff keeping me smelling yum all day long no matter what!! --Side note--The deodorant really needs to be applied to clean skin. In my experience, it did not work as well if I applied it later in the day after forgetting about after my morning shower.

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It Works ! Excellent Deodarant Replacement !

Posted by iHerb Customer on February 23 2010 | Verified Purchase

This is the most amazing deoderent replacement. I spray it once to three times on each armpit, right after i take a shower, and it keeps the body odour at bay. It also looks like it's going to last for quite a while. I have to mention that my body odour (especially when i sweat even a little bit) is quite strong, and doesn't smell good. This little baby has made me smell normal like everyone else, and by that i mean i don't smell bad anymore. It took me a while to figure out how to use this one properly, so here go the directions. For strong body odour, spray four to five times (don't hold back), then put your hands on your thights so that your armpits are folded, now move your arms forward and backward a few times to rub it in well. This way there should be No Bad Odour, even on the next day !

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It doesn't stop the body secretions but it masks the odor and it's all natural, re-apply it during the midday for effectiveness.

Posted by LadyEnigma on July 3 2016 | Verified Purchase

It doesn't stop the body secretions but it masks the odor and it's all natural, but I have to re-apply it during the midday for effectiveness. This is a great anti-odorant (not deodorant, not anti-antiperspirant, this is preventative stuff here!) once you learn to use it. I highly recommend it to people with bad body odor. I tend to sweat a lot and it can smell pretty bad IMO, but when using this I could probably go two days without smelling! That's impressive considering I can start to smell just twenty minutes out of the shower. (No I do not live in a super hot climate, I'm just special that way.) So from what I've learned, once you hop out of the shower and dry off, hit up both of your pits with this spray and hit them good. It will feel wet, but will dry off quick enough (don't have to wait to dry before putting on your shirt). Now, put on your undershirt (or whatever shirt will be directly against your pits) and give your pits another hit. At this point both your pit and the shirt in your pit will be moist. The goal of this is to get the active ingredient (read as salt) where you sweat so that bacteria cant have a festival of stench.(Nobody likes this kinda festival) That was the biggest thing I learned while using this, even though I sprayed my pits well, I would end up smelling. However when taking off my shirt I started to realize it was my shirt that carried the stench and not me. Thus, spray the shirt too! Anyhow, I hope this helps people. I wont ever go back to that other slimy / waxy deodorant / anti-antiperspirant with perfumes. Things to note: - This prevents the bacteria from getting out of hand and multiplying, so if you already stink, spraying this on will only prevent additional stink. Take a shower! - Try to dry the water from your pits before spraying this. - This works in other areas that sweat and smell, if I'm going to sweat a lot I'll sometimes hit my chest too - Don't be afraid to really spray it on there when you're first trying this out. Once you see the results you'll then start to try to hone in how much you really need. Basically, prevent having a bad experience by trying to cheap out with two spritz. - It's in a purple spray bottle that does not look very manly, you may have to compensate elsewhere. **If you find my review useful, click "YES" and see more useful info by clicking on my name. Good day and smell well!

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Did not work for me.

Posted by MummyKnowsBest on August 27 2013 | Verified Purchase

Singapore's weather is humid and we all perspire alot. I dont have much issues previously with smelly pits, (sweaty pits yes) but i bought it for prevention since its cheap with good reviews! After first try, OMFG! There is some reaction going on and my pits stink, literally! Nope, it isnt like that before i use this. It just didnt work for me. Too bad.

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NO BURN............

Posted by iHerb Customer on January 22 2008 | Verified Purchase

You can shave and still put Deodorant under your arm. No burn, no sting, I love this all natural Deo. No Aluminum either, highly recommended!!!!!!!!!!!

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Buena protección, sin duda

Posted by Paulette on April 19 2013 | Verified Purchase

Desodorante que me aguanta todo el tiempo que necesite y más. La única pega que le pongo es que el tapón me vino roto y cada vez que pulverizo, me salpica... La próxima vez probaré su formato sólido a ver qué tal pero, sin ninguna duda, volvería a comprar este desodorante.

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Posted by shepajulia on November 5 2011 | Verified Purchase

medium helps, I live in hot climates

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Didn`t work for me

Posted by iHerb Customer on December 16 2009 | Verified Purchase

Will have to come back and see if it works better next time. Sprayed it in conjunction with using the crystal rock but it didn`t work. Feels like you`re spraying water as it just runs down your underarm. Bought it based on the great reviews but didn`t help me personally.

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Excellent deodorant

Posted by iHerb Customer on October 28 2016 | Verified Purchase

my 12 years old kid uses it and loves it.i recommend it

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