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Absolutley amazing product!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by iHerb Customer on January 10 2009 | Verified Purchase

Calms your mind and makes you focus better. Reduces anxiety and helps you step away from overwhelming situations to resolve them better. Also helps when taking with Doctor's Best L-Tryptophan for sleeping. As this product works on a brain level (got this from the great nutritionists at Doctor's Best), it helps calm the brain and the L-Tryptophan helps on the hormonal level. Best sleep i've ever gotten and all night too. I have put my entire office on the Doctor's Best Suntheanine L-Theanine product. As a manager i have found people are more productive and much better to get along with. Also my husband kids and mother love this product. Doctor's Best does have the best product by far. By the way, I always get experts to talk to when I need any questions answered. My kind of company. Angie.

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Continued use has brought calm.

Posted by iHerb Customer on April 27 2009 | Verified Purchase

I have been taking L-Theanine for several years now. I initially took it only when I felt increased stress. As my anxiety got worse, I have found that if I take it both in the morning, and before bed, my anxiety rarely gets away from me. It has helped to bring more balance to my life.

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Theanine for Anxiety

Posted by Maebird on January 28 2010 | Verified Purchase

It is amazing what theanine can do for those with anxiety. I've found that with theanine, it doesn't seem to matter if you take fifty miligrams three times a day or 150 in the morning, you get the same result. 150, for me, lasts over twelve hours allowing for a full day free of anxiety. It does not induce sleepiness or have any other noticeable side effect, for that matter. It simply does what it is supposed to. I would highly recommend using this if you have anxiety or have adhd symptoms, as it helps tremendously with both. Try this befor trying synthetic medications, as this is a much healthier alternative to pharmaceuticals which can create more problems than they cure.

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Better than drugs

Posted by iHerb Customer on June 11 2009 | Verified Purchase

A family member who used to be on prescription meds takes this product twice a day and no longer needs anxiety meds.

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Great potency, works everytime, good price

Posted by iHerb Customer on August 9 2009 | Verified Purchase

Theanine is one of the most useful staff I've come across. It's potency is unquestionable. Although it's effects are very subtle and can pass unnoticed by many, it does a great job of calming down extra nerve activity. It doesn't improve your mood, it just kills down extra activity in your body and brain, and provides a sense of soothing. And great price. Better to take before bed for a good nights rest.

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Posted by iHerb Customer on June 30 2016 | Verified Purchase

I have been suffering the sudden loss of my brother at the age of 69 years old - 2 years older than me, and my nerves have been shattered. I have been unable to cope with anything. Following the shock, my rheumatoid arthritis flared miserably and I was in severe pain for a few weeks. I would wake in the morning and find my heart beating faster than normal. I was not able to breath properly and my anxiety and fear levels were very high. I immediately started taking extra magnesium and G.R.Lanes 'Quiet life ' tablets - 2 in the morning before I got up. Also, before I got up I would take about 150 mg. GABA which slowed my heart rate to normal and I would take a capsule of Tulsi tea powder which gave me a feeling of centred calm. However, while this all brought me down to a near normal state, I still could not bring myself to go to the doctor let alone my usual yearly visit to the Rheumatology department at the hospital. I read about this product as I searched frenetically online for help or for someone else who has suffered in the same way and went to iherb to see if they stocked it and so I bought it. I found my hospital appointment was three days away instead of my usual June date, forgetting that they had changed it. I had a panic attack and planned to make an excuse not to go as my nerves were still extremely bad and I panicked at every opportunity that they chose. On the day of my hospital appointment, my order for suntheanine arrived EARLY - it wasn't due for another three days, so, I took 1 capsule about an hour before I my appointment. As we left home I started to panic but controlled it with breathing and thinking of my brother in Heaven enjoying himself and talking to our parents who have also gone to Heaven, then about half an hour later, as we got nearer the hospital, I realised that I was calm, with a non drowsy calm that I hadn't felt for many months. I felt so normal that I told the doctor about how I felt and what I took to get in this normal state. I got through this traumatic time easily and the feeling of non drugged calm released so much tension that I cried like it was in fashion. I have this each morning now and I am noticing I am able to cope 100% better without taking all those other natural calmers. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ several million times.

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Posted by iHerb Customer on October 13 2011 | Verified Purchase

wow! I've taken this before with subtle benefits, but I tried just chewing and dissolving the capsule in my mouth, and now it is *really* cutting down my panic attacks and anxiety. I can feel it kick in within 10-15 minutes and it lasts several hours for me. It tastes almost pleasant to me. I know there is a chewable version but it is more expensive and this seems to work better for me and avoids the sugars. This is a life saver. YMMV, of course.

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Best value for Suntheanine!

Posted by iHerb Customer on August 31 2009 | Verified Purchase

I have shopped all over, and this is the best price per mg available in stores or on the Internet. The "generic" l-theanine supplements are not as effective, and have caused unwanted side-effects the few that I have tried. So, this is the best price for the best product for my anxiety and ADHD. Thanks, iHerb!

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Great for social anxiety and irritability

Posted by ALoren on September 28 2013 | Verified Purchase

Theanine helps me to cope with the anxiety I experience whenever I am faced with a social situation. It makes me calm, happy and more sociable. It's also good at calming my irritability during those times of month, or whenever I take too much caffeine. I used to take the Source Naturals brand but prefer this as it contains less Theanine (too much can make me a bit spacey).

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love it

Posted by iHerb Customer on August 20 2009 | Verified Purchase

The world is ok as long as I have this.

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