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Good product

Posted by Reviewer1005450 on Jan 31, 2010 | Verified Purchase

I have used NOW's pepzin, but this Doctor's brand is surely better since it only offers Pepzin whereas NOW includes 2 other herbs and additives... It may sound confusing why Doctor's is better, but after using NOW's for 2 months I have developed moderate stomach spasms whenever I take the pills due to either slippery elm or other herbs or additives in NOW's product...I suspect this is allergic reaaction... i can't take the product anymore. When I want to buy Pepzin, I want to buy Pepzin,.. not a combination of other things that really doesn't help me with stomach illness. Doc's product offers ony Pepzin and that is all I need!

Thanks for your feedback!

Superior! Magnificent!

Posted by Reviewer2828992 on Aug 16, 2010 | Verified Purchase

Works marvelously. Relieved me from many years of indigestion, heartburn, sour stomach, belching and general digestion discomfort. I felt immediate improvement 20 min after taking the very first pill. I was taking it for 2 weeks as prescribed, 2 pills a day. After 2 weeks, I felt certain tension and discomfort in the stomach. I realized that for this session, the drug achieved maximum of what it could. So, I stopped taking it on the regular basis, resorting to it only as-necessary, which is approximately for a couple of days in one-two months, in case of upset stomach.

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A Lifesaver for Ulcerated Stomachs

Posted by HelloItsMe on Dec 05, 2011 | Verified Purchase

This helped me heal ulcers caused by powerful oral meds during a hospitalization. Took 2 per day (1 w/ breakfast, 1 with dinner), along with a regimen including Mastic Gum (AM & PM on an empty stomach), DGL as needed, Yogi Stomach Ease Tea, & Goldenseal to help heal the ulcers. EXCELLENT results. This can help people w/ gastritis as well. Highly recommended--while stomach was healing, could definitely tell the difference when I forgot to take!

Thanks for your feedback!

Great Stuff!!

Posted by Reviewer3345019 on Jan 16, 2010 | Verified Purchase

I have suffered with Gastritis for a few years now, and have tried several different perscriptions, they work for awhile then I have to find a new one. My natural medicine doctor told me about how zinc/L-carnosine helps to heal the lining of the stomach, not just shut the pump off! The Doctors Best PepZinGI is working very good, and I am feeling better everyday. Will order this again!!!

Thanks for your feedback!

Wonderful Product!

Posted by Reviewer1379742 on Feb 08, 2011 | Verified Purchase

I have scarring on my esophagus from years of acid reflux disease and suffer from frequent heart burn and indigestion. I have learned to not eat late in the evening and sleep propped up in bed. Unfortunately, I also have to take an NSAID for arthritis and have been recently diagnosed with internal bleeding. I came across your product doing a google search on stomach ulcers. I am only into a few weeks of the regimen, but I can't tell you what a difference it has made in my comfort level. Unless I eat something I shouldn't late at night, I have stopped waking up with heartburn acid reflux. And, swallowing, which was a problem because of scar tissue on my esophagus, is much easier. I return to the doctor soon for a recheck of the bleeding and fully expect it to be less, if not gone.

Thanks for your feedback!

The Wonder of L-Carnosine!

Posted by Reviewer1446373 on Feb 13, 2011 | Verified Purchase

Having had too many antibiotics in the past for various ailments, & also suffering from Irritable Bowel, my intestinal mucosa was suffering greatly. Since taking Pepsin GI, I am feeling so much better & able to eat foods which would previously cause adverse effects. I feel so much 'stronger' in the digestive area & that my immune system is far better than it has been for a long time.

Thanks for your feedback!

Heals your stomach

Posted by Reviewer1340987 on Sep 10, 2010 | Verified Purchase

PepZinGi really works to heal your stomach. I take an anti inflammatory every day which can really mess up your stomach. I have been taking PeZinGi for a couple of years and hope it never goes off the market. I don't have any stomach problems ever since I began taking this product. It takes a few weeks, of consistent use, to heal up your stomach and then a maintenance dose. This is a miracle product.

Thanks for your feedback!

good results

Posted by Reviewer3355831 on Apr 14, 2010 | Verified Purchase

I was taking ulcetrol from Now with much success. PepZinGI was an ingredient at this dosage, as was mastic gum. I have switched to this and Allergy REsearch Group Mastic Gum. It has been two weeks and I am very pleased. This combo is much cheaper than the Now Ulcetrol.

Thanks for your feedback!

Excellent treatment for GERD

Posted by nmbenzo on Jul 04, 2011 | Verified Purchase

I ordered PepZin GI to treat heartburn problems that were brought on by the wearing down of my stomachs lining, due to stress, diet, and alcohol. The product arrived to Korea within seven days, thus, for a very cheap shipping rate. I am very happy I have discovered iHerb! Furthermore, I had been prescribed a six week treatment of Protonix by a Korean doctor, however, I due to many PPI side effects (none of which I actually experienced), I wanted to go a the au-natural route if possible. After about two weeks on this product, I am very impressed. Foods that normally cause me stomach discomfort and reflux are consumed with no problems. I just feel healthier using this product, knowing it is helping to strengthen and repair my stomach's lining and natural defenses. I'm combining this with NOW DGL, and my results are excellent! Thanks iHerb!

Thanks for your feedback!

Great product for GERD & gastritis ! !

Posted by Sickness-ELIMINATOR on Sep 14, 2016 | Verified Purchase

I had been on the max dose on proton pump inhibitors for GERD & chronic gastritis and still wasn't getting relief. A friend told me about zinc carnosine. After doing a little research on the efficacy of zinc carnosine on GERD symptoms I decided this was worth a try. I began by taking two capsules twice daily for three months. I have seen a complete resolution of my symptoms. I had morning nausea, morning cough, regurgitation- all of it went away. I still have to be careful with my diet but I think this product is much better than PPIs. I have been able to stop taking this product and am still doing well. I highly recommend this product. . . Click YES if you like this review.

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