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Good but can be better as well!

Posted by Supplementsdiy on April 24 2013 | Verified Purchase

It is one of the best proteolytic enzymes blend. Enzymes are needed in every metabolic function in our body. Even the minerals and vitamins required enzymes to work. When taken on an empty stomach, the enzymes will enter our body and aids our bodily proteolytic function. This can be very beneficial as majority of the enzymes produced in our body are proteases. These proteolytic enzymes will help to clean the dead protein and debris in our body and other metabolic. This in turn allows the enzymes in our body to do other important tasks that it is unable to do efficiently earlier. (Thinking of it as hiring a helper to clean up your house so that you have the time to do other stuffs) This is particularly important in this age as our body is constantly stressed by eating of dead food, work stress, lack of sleep, environmental factors, chemical exposure etc. Our body is constantly overburdened with too many concurrent tasks that it can’t constantly deal with. This leads to compromised immune system (our immune uses enzymes to kill bacteria, virus etc), poor blood circulation (due to blood clots and debris in bloodstream), allergies (undigested proteins like gluten irritating the body), inflammation, compromised lung function (mucus not being cleared) and others. This product is good because it contains high amount of proteases (therapeutic level), 8 strains of proteases (different proteases work only within certain pH value), vegetarian (not extracted from questionable animal proteases), no flow agents/binders (magnesium stearate etc) and contains other specialised enzymes which also aid our body. The capsules are not big and easy to swallow. The only downside is that it contains calcium and magnesium from a cheap source to use as filler. The time is to use is very important. 1 hour before or 2 hours after meal! Any sooner or later, the enzymes will end up digesting your food instead. If you are using more than 1 capsule each time, I would recommend that you upgrade to Virastop x2 from the same company. It has twice as much enzyme per capsule and it’s cheaper too. Pricewise, it’s fairly expensive if you require a lot of capsules daily and is from Enzymedica (best enzyme producer but expensive). There are proteolyic enzymes from other brands that are cheaper as well. Note that you can also use digestive enzymes from other brands as a cheaper source since the timing of taking the enzymes is what affects if it is meant for digestive or proteolytic purposes. Personally, it helps to keep the mucus/phlegm away, boost my immune system significant and allows our body to recover much faster after a workout. Check out my page for more reviews!

Thanks for your feedback!

Virastop shortened my sinus infection

Posted by iHerb Customer on March 14 2010 | Verified Purchase

I used Virastop with some natural antibiotics and my sinus infection cleared out in 2 days. That type of infection usually takes about a week and I end up taking prescription antibiotics just to get rid of the infection. So far so good. I will use it on other members of my family.

Thanks for your feedback!

Works well

Posted by iHerb Customer on April 13 2010 | Verified Purchase

I have used this for a month, no colds or flu yet, also my skin has cleared up of 80% of my acne. Timing taking this on an empty stomach is annoying but necessary with this.

Thanks for your feedback!


Posted by iHerb Customer on March 14 2009 | Verified Purchase

I started taking it a few weeks ago for fibroids. I don't know yet if it is helping me with fibroids. What I noticed that it does help me sleep better. I take it before going to sleep (2) and 2 when I wake up.

Thanks for your feedback!

Enzymedica Virastop

Posted by iHerb Customer on July 4 2008 | Verified Purchase

I bought this for my autistic daughter and she is non verbal so I haven't got a clue if it works. But her tummy looks less distended lately (I use lumbrokinase at different time). To give her when her tummy is empty is almost impossible, so guess have to wait for at least a month to see the progress. Update 7th may 2013: wow, have been using this product since jul 2004. My daughter is still autistic LOL.. I have upgraded to Virastop 2x ages ago for her, the most noticable good effect for her is she sleeps like a baby, no more waking in the middle of the night. Melatonin couldn't do this for her so it was a big relieve. When we get cold and cough, she stays healthy. Now, i even give this cap to my 4yo daughter together with probiotic when she starts coughing. , apparently enzymes kill probiotic but at least she won't complain having sore tummy from the virastop alone.

Thanks for your feedback!

Changed formula and name

Posted by iHerb Customer on November 5 2014 | Verified Purchase

Virastop is now Enzyme Defense and they have removed the nattokinase. The only reason I purchased this is because it had serrapeptase and nattokinase. I will still use.

Thanks for your feedback!

No side effects

Posted by iHerb Customer on January 27 2012 | Verified Purchase

I've been taking this according to the recommended dosage with no side effects. In fact I actually noticed it cleared some of my re-occuring blemishes. I do take this on and off so it's hard to give a full review but since taking it I have not been sick. I am around sick children frequently and have not been under the weather yet.

Thanks for your feedback!

Mrs. L. Boone

Posted by iHerb Customer on September 18 2008 | Verified Purchase

The products arrived very quickly by courier. I have felt so much better since using Virastop - much more energy. I hope that they will do the job for which I bought them, ie stop me getting flus and other viruses all the time in winter. So far, so good.

Thanks for your feedback!


Posted by iHerb Customer on September 19 2011 | Verified Purchase

I've taken 3 in the morning on 2 or three occasions on which I felt like i was getting a cold or flu, and the feeling was gone within a few hours.

Thanks for your feedback!

Seems to be working

Posted by iHerb Customer on July 2 2010 | Verified Purchase

I'm taking 2-3 at a time and it seems to be working but I'm taking it along w/Candex and nattokinase and a strict Candida diet so its hard to tell what's making the difference, but my BP and IBS seems to be calming down, still have eczema from possible Candida. Next time I'll buy the 2X.

Thanks for your feedback!

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