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Highly recommended

Posted by iHerb Customer on February 13 2010 | Verified Purchase

This product is in a catagory all its own. I have been taking Chinese medicinal mushroom blends for years but Paul Stamets MyCommunity is of superior quality. I had lingering congestion from a case of the flu that just would not go away, apparent especially when I was tired, but in less than 48 hours after taking 4 caps of this product a day, all traces of it were completely gone, and this is after taking about 15 caps a day for a month of another hot water extracted mushroom blend product that had come highly recommended. I have also noticed a marked relief in the little aches and pains that I had come to consider normal for my body as my immune system gets freed up to go to work on all kinds of things. Paul Stamets is the number one expert on mushrooms in the world with another fascinating book out now called 'Mycelium Running'. He cares deeply about our planet, our local environment and our individual health and his whole life's work has revolved around mushrooms. I trust his products. He uses the mycelium in the product which are the tiny root filaments where a lot of the medicinal power is, not just the fruiting body of the mushroom as in most other products. His extraction process is superior and he puts no stearate flow agents into the product, as per the label, which is a major plus. I trust this product and have seen its efficiency in action, am very impressed and have recommended it to everyone I know.

Thanks for your feedback!

One of the best capsule mushroom products around

Posted by NBPT10 on August 8 2012 | Verified Purchase

I have learned about the power of mushrooms from my herbal teachers and from my own self study. They are an excellent all natural immune enhancing food among other things. Unfortunately, some mushrooms are not easy to stomach so getting them in a capsule form makes a lot of sence. One example is reishi. This is an excellent super food and from a practical point of view is not easily eaten whole. Hence people take a tincture or capsule form. Paul Stamets, the founder of Fungi Perfecti, is one of the most authoratative experts on Mushrooms. He did work for New Chapter at one point and helped them develope their mushroom products. You can see You Tube videos of Stamets giving talks aobut the amazing things mushrooms can do. Don't just take my word for it. Google Stamets and read and watch some videos. My teachers, who have many years of experince, trust Stamets to put out a high quality and relevant mushroom product, and so do I. I was taking New Chapters mushroom product but recently learned they were bought out by Proctor and Gamble who is a super large multi-national conglormorate. It will just be a matter of time before they short change their products for more share holder value. This is a common theme unfortunately. A few months ago I switched to this, Host Defense My Community by Fungi Perfecti. It is a great maintenace product to build your immunity and prevent disease and sickness. If you found this review helpful, kindly visit my iHerb home page by clicking on my handle name above. There you can read my other value added reviews. Peace and good health.

Thanks for your feedback!

Cancer Free

Posted by iHerb Customer on April 26 2011 | Verified Purchase

My dog came down with mast cell cancer last summer. He had several operations to remove the tumors. Then I started to give him Fungi Perfecti, Host Defense, along with curcumin and omega 3 fatty acids along with a novel protein diet and no grain. He is doing great and has no signs of cancer. I would highly recommend this for any cancer survivor (human or pet).

Thanks for your feedback!


Posted by iHerb Customer on February 20 2010 | Verified Purchase

After taking a very, very expensive lacteal peptide complex for almost a year to boost my immune system, I'm happy to say that MyCommunity not only supports my immune system at a fraction of the cost, but also enhances my workouts and reduces my recovery times. This is #1 most effective nutritional supplement I've ever used.

Thanks for your feedback!

Women's wonder product

Posted by MaryManuel on March 21 2012 | Verified Purchase

i am a 65 year old woman and I have been taking this product since the mushrooms in it were included in a product by New Chapter called Native Woman. That product was discontinued to my dismay. My Community works exactly the same and it has let me enjoy a lubricant free sex life. I recently had a pap smear and the doctor asked me what I was using for hormone replacement therapy (HRT) since I had no signs of atrophy that is normal at my age. I have never taken HRT, only the mushrooms that this formula contains. He wanted to know the specifics as he thought it was remarkable. My husband wants to know if it works for male sexual health as well. I recommend My Community for all women in menopause or who suffer from vaginal dryness.

Thanks for your feedback!

Will not go without this

Posted by iHerb Customer on December 5 2010 | Verified Purchase

I have a depleted immune system and these pills have changed my life. I am no longer the perpetually sick girl!

Thanks for your feedback!

Respiratory Relief

Posted by iHerb Customer on March 19 2010 | Verified Purchase

If I take this regularly I or II times a day it resolves my asthma and seemingly other allergy symptoms almost completly. I've already ordered more and will put it on auto re-order now!

Thanks for your feedback!

Helps get thruogh the day

Posted by iHerb Customer on March 22 2010 | Verified Purchase

This marvelous mushroom product helps my husband who has Chronic Fatigue and Immune Disfunction. He has used it for at least two years & does not want to be without it, although it costs more than a doctor's prescription whould on our health plan.

Thanks for your feedback!

The best

Posted by iHerb Customer on July 27 2011 | Verified Purchase

In my opinion this is a superior product - the king of mushroom supplements and well worth paying a little more. Note that it contains mycelia as opposed to just mushrooms. Paul Stamets is a living legend, I completely trust and highly recommend this product.

Thanks for your feedback!

Fragile and Broken Capsules

Posted by iHerb Customer on January 24 2010 | Verified Purchase

I've been taking these mushrooms for 7 years originally under the name of "New Chapter Host Defense" after I read a good review from Dr. Andrew Weil. I trust Paul Stamets to produce an excellent product (now under the label "Fungi Perfecti"). I didn't give this "5 stars" as several of the capsules were broken as if the coating was thin and fragile. I'm hoping the manufacturing company will read this and examine the capsules. I did not send them back since only a few were broken---but these are expensive. I also wanted to take them as I firmly believe these mushrooms help my immune sytem. I have a chronic disease that can comprimise my immune system and with these I am very healthy.

Thanks for your feedback!

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