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Excellent Chlorella Quality, Excellent Value

Posted by iHerb Customer on October 5 2009 | Verified Purchase

I live in Japan and this Chlorella is about $32 for 0.14kg at an on-line shop (little tabs). I haven't been able to find the powder form here so was over the moon to find this quality of chlorella at this price in this form here at iHerb. I combine this with Now's Hawaiian Spirulina to provide a top nutritional combination. Am looking to add a third, Klamath Blue Green Algae, to complete the algal super formula. Benefits so far (in combination with Spirulina) include, clearing up of skin/complexion, sustained energy, a feeling of general well-being and nutritional fullness, and alkalising and balance. My Spirulina:Chlorella ratio is about 2:1. Advice from my wife is to start at half a teaspoon and work up over a couple of weeks to 1/2 to 1 Tbs to avoid the sudden detox symptoms you might get by "shocking" the body into action by an initial large amount.

Thanks for your feedback!

Great stuff

Posted by iHerb Customer on August 11 2009 | Verified Purchase

I have recommended this to so many people. It gives you a sense of well-being. I make a smoothy with it in the morning for my breakfast. 1/2 cup orange juice, 1/2 cup soymilk, a heaping teaspoon of Chlorella, 2 heaping teaspoons of Earthrise Spirulina, 2 tablespoons of ground flaxseed meal, 1 tablespoon of Jarrow Formula Berry High--mix and drink. I eat a banana and I'm good to go until lunch time. My appetite for sweets has decreased significantly. I have more energy and my arthritis isn't as painful. I've dropped a few pounds. Can't say enough about this. I've been taking this for several months.

Thanks for your feedback!

Excellent, Excellent

Posted by iHerb Customer on November 11 2007 | Verified Purchase

This is great chlorella, a great product, very powerful and detoxifying. We feel a big difference taking it, it feels great. This is not just another supplement, this is real food of a powerful sort, a rejuvanative that can truly restore. We take tablespoons a day; you could live on this stuff, practically, and you'd be in a different realm health-wise than most people.

Thanks for your feedback!

Definitely worth buying!

Posted by Supplementsdiy on April 24 2013 | Verified Purchase

Chlorella is one of the most nutritive foods. It contains all vitamins, minerals (even trace minerals), amino acids requires by man. It has the highest chlorophyll concentration in any plant which contributes to its amazing detoxing power. The chlorophyll is negative charged and allows it to bind to positive charged heavy metal or chemicals to be pas sed out of the body. This negative charge is quite obvious and you can see the chlorella ‘sticking’ to the spoon like metals sticking to a magnet. Chlorella can also help to alkalise the body, cleanses the blood and increase oxygen in blood, reduces high blood pres sure, increase HDL-LDL cholesterol ratio, boost the immune system, relieve digestive problems, increase energy level, anti cancer, stabilise blood sugar level, protects from cardiovascular diseases and many more! For the taste, it tastes just like seaweed. I think it’s probably due to the high iodine content. Some people might find it disgusting. Personally, I have no is sue. Sometimes, I even eat a bit of it straight! (Not too much or it will stick to your teeth or gum). This brand consists of broken wall cell so the nutrients can be easily absorbed. As chlorella is very detoxing, this is best to start small and slowly increases the dosage to avoid the harsh detoxification effects. I take about 1-2 teaspoon daily. More teaspoons tend to give me loose stool. It is best taken with spirulina since both are unique in their own ways. It is highly recommended to have done a proper colon detox prior to avoid auto-intoxication problem. There are some concerns whether this yaeyama chlorella is contaminated by radiation from Japan. Ishigaki Island is located quite far from Japan mainland. They are closer to Taiwan, than to Japan. I would as sume that it is safe since the company has done their own lab test report on radiation level. Pricewise, it is reasonable priced. It used to be a lot cheaper at only $41! I feel much better, have more energy and feel ‘cleaner’ after using this. When taken in sufficient amount with spirulina, it also helps to keep me hungry free for few hours and eliminate the need for carbohydrates loading. Check out my page for more reviews!

Thanks for your feedback!

Excellent Daily Supplement

Posted by iHerb Customer on January 24 2007 | Verified Purchase

For over four years I have used this product daily to alkalinize my body and for the detoxifying effect of chlorella. Of course the nutrients in one large tablespoon per day are exceptional. This is the best chlorella product / value I have found. I mix this powder with a large glass of water; there isn't a bad taste.

Thanks for your feedback!

Loads of chlorophyll and a bargain price

Posted by iHerb Customer on January 3 2009 | Verified Purchase

This stuff is amazing, and I am quite pleased with it. In addition to being a great source of chlorophyll, this is a whole food that is a lot cheaper than drinking liquid cholorphyll, and contains a lot of vitamins and minerals. Very energizing. This is a powerful supplement. Be sure to start out with small servings and work your way up, to give your body time to cleanse and avoid a healing crisis.

Thanks for your feedback!

Excellent choice and extraordinary choice if u combine it with Spirulina

Posted by iHerb Customer on February 5 2010 | Verified Purchase

Within 1 month of using Chlorella, my 5 years eczema disappear, my skin becomes smoother & my mental/brain exhaustion diminish rapidly . Due to some extreme circumstance, my concentration power (CoPo) or ability collapse or become extremely exhausted (up to the point that I could not even read more than 5 pages without getting stomach pain). Spirulina provide the energy for my brain while Chlorella heals at a very fast speed. For very fast healing I take between 37.5-75 gr Chlorella/day & 45-125 gr Spirulina /day. The 2 Co. that provide the best value is Jarrow Chlorella 1 kg & Spirulina Now 4 lbs.

Thanks for your feedback!

Packed with vitamins and good stuff!

Posted by olofpersson on May 16 2012 | Verified Purchase

Absorbs and cleanses the body from heavy metals etc. Food for the friendly intestinal bacteria flora. It grows in open air bassins filled with spring water on the japanese island Ishigaki. This island is situated in the far south, closer to Taiwan then to Japan. The distance is more than 1800 km from the Fukushima and not in the direction of the radioactive clouds.

Thanks for your feedback!

Chlorella as chelator

Posted by iHerb Customer on November 30 2009 | Verified Purchase

I'm taking the chlorella along with cilantro tincture as part of a mercury chelation process from amalgam fillings ( I had been very sick with , mostly sinus problems for the past 5 years ), I had my metal fillings removed in march , and have been following a chelation program for the past 8 months , and am almost back to perfect health. I would like to add that the chlorella , if taken half an hour before meals , makes you feel full , so you eat less , and as it is a whole food and packed with so very many nutrients , I will probably keep taking it , even after the chelation seems complete .

Thanks for your feedback!

Fantastic Product

Posted by iHerb Customer on January 5 2008 | Verified Purchase

This is a mainstay of my cleansing and alkalinizing program. Yaeyama Chlorella is a superior product, and Yarrow Formulas offers this bulk sized container at a good price. Since I have started taking this product daily in my "green smoothies", people keep telling me "how good I look", my skin is glowing and my age signs are reversing. Highly recommended.

Thanks for your feedback!

1-10 of 143 total

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