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Posted by iHerb Customer on Sep 07, 2011 | Verified Purchase

I just started using this at night. I apply it to my lines after Reviva Labs 10% Glycolic Acid Cream. I'm thankful that the fine lines are noticeably less than before. I'll continue to use it. I love iHerb.

Thanks for your feedback!

0 stars: please read about my experience before you buy this.

Posted by iHerb Customer on May 11, 2016 | Verified Purchase

I used this cream for just two nights. I then broke out into a terrible rash. I have white bumps on my face and red splotches on my neck. I'm itchy and my skin is constantly stinging. I went to the doctor and she told me retinol is a medicine and is best prescribed by a doctor. Since many creams are only 0.05%-0.5%, I should've known 1% is too strong. I urge anyone interested in this cream to talk to a doctor first and then test a small area of skin. I'm now on oral medication and applying a cortisone cream. I'll have further treatment done this weekend. This cream has cost me over $100 in skin damage/repair. :*(

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Posted by helznguyen on Apr 10, 2014 | Verified Purchase

This retinol cream is the best vitamin A cream out there! Way better than the retin A cream than I got from my dermatologist. I usually use it 3 times at nighttime, then stop. A few days later, the skin peeling starts and lasts for a week. After that, I use products to speed up the healing so my skin can recover faster. My skin is always baby soft and tight afterwards because of this cream! I don't use the Life Flo Retinol A cream that often, just occasionally when I feel like my skin needs a good peel :) My mom loves it too, we both been using it for over a year now!

Thanks for your feedback!

Hate it!

Posted by iHerb Customer on Apr 07, 2013 | Verified Purchase

I just got this cream, have been using it for a week, and really don't like it. Not quite sure what it's supposed to be doing because at first it seemed to do absolutely nothing, actually, made me break out immediately after first use. Since it didn't seem to irritate my skin I continued to use it (which is probably more often than they said to apply it). After something like 4 days my skin started peeling all of a sudden, broke out all over, and it's burning and peeling like I'm sunburnt. I would have used as directed, but it literally felt like it did nothing, and then boom. Bottom like - it doesn't tighten, does not improve the appearance of skin (again, made me break out), literally no improvement from this cream). I would not buy it again. Update after a few months... I started using this much less frequently - about once a week, then every 3-4 days. it works good for major wrinkles like forehead frown marks. If used too often will make skin peel and break out. Caution - retinol does increase cell turnover so it will bring all pimples and such to the surface. You do have to get used to this one, and it is NOT for daily use. Changing the rating to 3 stars, it's still not that amazing, but at least not horrible as I originally thought.

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Life Flo Health, Retinol A

Posted by iHerb Customer on May 24, 2011 | Verified Purchase

Love this product because it smooths the skin making it more supple. Just make sure not to apply it too close to the eyes because that can create swollen eyelids.

Thanks for your feedback!

Definitely Doing Something!

Posted by iHerb Customer on Aug 21, 2012 | Verified Purchase

I am only able to tolerate this cream one or twice a week. I tried the every other day regime but it was too harsh on my skin and I began to feel almost a chemical burn even though I used very little. I do have sensitive skin so I would advise those with sensitive skin go slowly and don't over do it. :)

Thanks for your feedback!

Patience 😁

Posted by iHerb Customer on Mar 29, 2017 | Verified Purchase

I got this cream last week but after reading reviews I thought best to wait until Monday to try it out, in case of reaction over the weekend. Firstly once I received it in the post I applied a tiny amount behind my ear to test for allergy I left it for 24hrs before applying more. After cleansing & drying my face I applied a small amount, just enough to moisturise my face & went to bed. The next day, nothing, I was tempted to reapply the next night but didn't & boy am I glad, 3 days later & my face is peeling. Nothing major but I can definitely see lightening in the areas where my face is peeling most. I apply a thick moisturiser every night & also a vitamin serum. Each morning I apply spf 50. So this cream does have an peeling effect on the skin, some people might feel that it is drying the skin, it is. It causes the old layer to remove itself thus leaving a fresh layer. As for wrinkle treatment, I'll see in a couple of weeks, I have loads of freckles (Irish) & wrinkles on my forehead. Already after 4 days, 1 application I can see a lightening of my freckles, but so far that's it, I will update again. My main advice, after the first application...WAIT up to 5 days before reapplying!

Thanks for your feedback!

Good for skin peeling

Posted by iHerb Customer on Mar 17, 2014 | Verified Purchase

Started using this product only twice before my skin begins to peel. So I must say Retinol A 1% is quite strong. The peeling sort of gives you a new skin layer, hence stimulates collagen production, which is good. This will erase fine lines and fine wrinkles as well. When applied, you will feel a little tingling sensation, this indicates that the product is working. Don't forget to protect your new layer skin from the sun and moisturize it well. Adjust the frequency of use of Retinol A upon your skin tolerance. It has a nice citrous smell. Really like this product.

Thanks for your feedback!

Great retinol cream but packaging not good

Posted by iHerb Customer on Jan 29, 2016 | Verified Purchase

This is a great cheap retinol cream and works perfectly but, retinol is broken down in light so the packaging should be in a metal tube or pump bottle instead of a tub. I find mine starts to go off in about a month, you can tell when the yellow colour of the cream changes and becomes less effective. For the price it is amazing but I haven't figured out if buying a tub a month is any more cost effective than the stuff I get from my aesthetician every three or four months. If they changed the packaging it would be the perfect product.

Thanks for your feedback!

Had a bad reaction to this product

Posted by iHerb Customer on Jun 06, 2016 | Verified Purchase

I highly recommend you to patch test before using this product. I had high expectation for this, and was really looking forward to it... but my face broke out really badly after two days of using it.

Thanks for your feedback!

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