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Posted by iHerb Customer on Oct 16, 2016 | Verified Purchase

siboと思われる私のガス腹には、効き目なしでした。かえってガスが増えてしまいました。 腸内環境が悪すぎる場合、プロバイオティクスを投入するとそれが悪玉菌の餌になってしまい、かえって悪化することがあるそうです。

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If i could give this product a zero i would!

Posted by PuffinFresh on Sep 14, 2015 | Verified Purchase

After reading another review about this product being dead on arrival I tried to culture it myself, and there was absolutely zero bacteriological activity after 24 hrs. This stuff is a placebo powder at best.

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Posted by okuma3 on Aug 11, 2017 | Verified Purchase

人の母乳から見つかった、免疫を高めて赤ん坊を病気から守るロイテリ菌や、ビフィズス菌をブレンドした粉末タイプ。 便秘の他、虫歯・歯周病の予防やピロリ菌、アトピー、カンジダやリーキーガットにも良いとの事で購入。 1日に1回、虫歯予防も兼ねて夜の歯磨き後にスプーン1杯飲んでます。 私の腸と相性が良い様で、便秘にも効果大。 他サプリとの相乗効果もありますが、免疫力もかなり上がってきました。

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Posted by iHerb Customer on Jan 30, 2017 | Verified Purchase

虫歯にいいと聞いて買ってみましたが、これ成分にsugars 1gって書いてありますよね? 寝る前に口の中に入れようと思ってましたがいいんでしょうか? よくわからないんで寝る前じゃないときになめてます。 これ飲んだらガスがめっちゃ出たんで良いのか悪いのかわからないけど、菌がちゃんと生きてるんだなって思って安心しました。

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premature to rate(レーティングには時期尚早)

Posted by iHerb Customer on Mar 04, 2014 | Verified Purchase

I read an medical article that Reuteri enlarged mouse's testicle and increased level of testosterone in the blood. I take this before bed time with yogurt. I am not sure mouse's case applies to me yet. 医学雑誌でロイテリ菌がマウスの睾丸の肥大と血中テストステロン濃度の上昇を引き起こしたとの記事を見ました。就寝前に摂取しています。マウスの事例が自分にも当てはまるかまだ不確かです。

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우리 아이 첫 유산균

Posted by hades79 on Dec 05, 2015 | Verified Purchase

제왕절개의 아이 같은 경우 엄마의 산도를 거치기 않기 때문에 유산균을 못 받고 태어나요. 이건 방송에서도 여러 번 나왔었어요. 저는 자연분만했지만, 제왕절개 하고 특히나 모유수유도 안 하는 분들은 따로 유산균 먹이시는 게 좋아요. 모유에도 유산균이 들어있지만, 분유면 유산균 따로 먹이셔야 해요. 저는 모유수유만 했지만서도. 아이 면역력 위해 클로렐라 이유식도 하고 그랬는데, 클로렐라가 성장인자가 들어있어서 좋아요. 유산균이 클로렐라 좋은 먹잇감이 되니 같이 먹이시는 게 좋아요. 특히 아토피있는 아이 있는 엄마들은 유산균 필수로 먹이셔야 해요. 아토피로 병원 다니는 분들 아기보면 의사가 유산균 처방해 주더라고요. 이 제품은 냉장보관하고 있고요. 하얀 가루 형태예요. 리뷰에 이걸로 요거트 만드시는 분 있다던데 완전 비추천해요. 이걸로 계속 요거트 만드실 거면 엄청난 양이 들고요. 저도 매번 요거트 제조기로 만들어 먹지만 가루는 안 써요. 전 오히려 잘 안 되더라고요. 요거트만 2년 동안 만들었는데 가루 비추천해요. 장염끼 있을 때 이거 물에 타서 먹이니 금방 낫더라고요. 어쨌든 저희 집에서는 이 유산균도 필수품. 추천추천

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Posted by organicfamily on Jul 09, 2015 | Verified Purchase

У дочки при ОРВИ во время болезни начинал болеть живот до коликов, что на аппендицит подумывали.. В итоге, как заболевала с утра натощак давали Примадофилус и после болезни еще 1-2 недели принимали. Сейчас уже и забыли, что такое было. При пищевой аллергии тоже очень неплохо с утра натощак давать пробиотики. Если мой отзыв был Вам полезен, нажмите пожалуйста YES. Спасибо, хороших покупок!

Thanks for your feedback!

Полезный пробиотик

Posted by Vera-Nika on Feb 16, 2015 | Verified Purchase

Купила именно этот пробиотик из-за наличия в нем полезных бактерий Reuteri. Пьем всей семьей по мере необходимости. Препарат хорошо работает при приеме антибиотиков, расстройстве желудка, вздутии,,,вобщем о покупке не пожалела, советую. Спасибо за YES, читайте др. отзывы на моей страничке)))

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Dead on arrival too

Posted by iHerb Customer on Apr 08, 2015 | Verified Purchase

This is my 2nd purchase. Like the first one,few years back and decided to take it again. I did the milk test as recommended online. There was no reaction. My milk remained the same after 8 hrs. How can we ensure that this product stays alive?

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Making yogurt

Posted by iHerb Customer on Oct 17, 2016 | Verified Purchase

I was able to make yogurt with this product. I have a yogurt maker that holds about 1.5 litres of product and I followed the instructions given at a site that sells yogurt starters. Heat milk to between 180 and 200 degrees, hold it there for 5 minutes to kill off any bacteria that may compete with the culture. Put the pot in a sink of cold water and bring down to about 104 degrees before adding culture then I put it in my yogurt maker so it holds it at an ideal temp for whatever time I set it for. This has never failed me except once when I thought I would skip a step and just heat the milk to 104 and add the starter. The result was more like kefir, not thickened. I went back to the full heating method and once again perfect results. I was able to use 1/2 tsp of this to make yogurt using this method. Many of the starters ask for 1 to 2 tsp but with this method 1/2 tsp has always worked. I hope this info will help others making yogurt using this and other probiotic strains to make yogurt at home.

Thanks for your feedback!

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