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It will help with fungal stomach problems but watch out for the itchy anus!

Posted by iHerb Customer on Apr 14, 2010 | Verified Purchase

With sustained use this product does it's job....clearing up gut fungus. However I believe it will never work to it's true potential unless the user alters their diet drastically. If you keep eating and drinking foods that feed candida, the infection will come back....candida clear will only help lower fungal levels...but you will not be rid of your problems entirely. Elimination diet together with these capsules will work well....maintain for a few months...then eat risky foods again (in moderation!). My weakness is beer...it undoes the good C.Clear can do very quickly...and a large C.Clear dose after a drinking session will always give me an itchy anus!....This I'm sure is a good sign...as the fungus is being killed off again...but it leaves a sting on my ring. Also, if you're taking probiotics, don't take them at the same time as C.Clear...I'm sure they also kill off some good bacteria....better to seperate your doses by 3 or 4 hours....that way both supplements can do their job well. I was gaining no benifits from probiotics until I did this.

Thanks for your feedback!

It's working but I'm still giving it time.

Posted by iHerb Customer on Apr 30, 2008 | Verified Purchase

Hi! I am still on my first bottle of this product and I do notice that it's working b/c i feel worse.(but i'm better now.) :) When the candida dies off and your body carries them out, toxins get release into your system. Nothing you can't handle but you do feel a little worse before you feel better. I'm also going to try the oregano oil. From what i've read, that should be really helful as well.

Thanks for your feedback!

Works for me

Posted by iHerb Customer on Aug 18, 2009 | Verified Purchase

I'm 120 lbs and I take only 1 capsule on an empty stomach each morning. Smaller bodies don't need as much. Definitely moves digestion along quicker - the elimination part. Haven't had yeast flare-ups as I did before.

Thanks for your feedback!

Candida Clear

Posted by iHerb Customer on Sep 17, 2008 | Verified Purchase

Very good product. For more than 20 years I had problems. I use this product almost an yeat and the problems are gone. I am feeling much better.

Thanks for your feedback!


Posted by iHerb Customer on Oct 23, 2007 | Verified Purchase

For me, this product doesn't wipe out Candida by itself. When combined with other proper supplements and proper diet, this product is a very helpful part of the battle for destroying Candida overgrowth infections.

Thanks for your feedback!

It works fast!

Posted by iHerb Customer on Apr 29, 2013 | Verified Purchase

I was suspiscious that I had candida because my lips had little cuts on the sides and i had that awful, disgusting furry white tongue, so I decided to buy this and started taking once during the day and another one at night! And OMG the white is almost completely gone, I took 1 capsule twice a day, one during the day another one at night. I stopped taking it because my forehead was a little greasier than I like and it gave me a little bit of acne too, I guess because of the biotin in it. Even so, it's worth taking, I stopped taking for a few days and my forehead is back to normal but my tongue is almost completely healthy. I didn't experience any side effects aside from greasier skin and a little bit of acne. Keep in mind that i have acne prone skin and used to have cystic acne. If you never had acne you probably wont get any just from taking these. Oh, also, IMPORTANT: it tastes like OREGANO, but you don't keep tasting all day, just after you take it and here and there. Not bad. I imagine my tongue would look even better If I did the candida diet, but i love candy and cant stop eating it. Still im gonna try in the future taking this product and cutting out the sugar.

Thanks for your feedback!


Posted by iHerb Customer on Dec 11, 2007 | Verified Purchase

I have had fewer bouts of fungus infections since I started us it.

Thanks for your feedback!

Great results!

Posted by iHerb Customer on Aug 15, 2010 | Verified Purchase

This product really works! My systemic yeast infection was so bad I could not eat any carbs at all.I mean no fruit,potatoes,bread, pasta,and the list goes on. Now I can eat fruit and small amounts of starchy foods daily with no problems. Candida Clear in combination with oregano oil did the trick. I am not out of the woods yet but I am back to healthier eating finially. I just wish it came in a larger quantity.

Thanks for your feedback!

Candida Clear

Posted by iHerb Customer on Oct 23, 2008 | Verified Purchase

great product, drink lots of pure water and yeast free diet is essential while taking these herbs

Thanks for your feedback!

Good for helping to keep yeast under control

Posted by reflexheather on Jul 30, 2012 | Verified Purchase

Helps to keep in check taken with Super 8 Probiotics and New Chapter All Flora. If symptoms are very severe I would take North American Herb and Spice Oreganol with this and continue this to help avoid yeast overgrowth once the worst symptoms are gone. If taking for vaginal yeast infections Tea Tree Therapy Pessaries work really well used with this product. You need to adjust diet also for best result with any yeast product like this. Reduce sugar and carbohydrates and check for hidden yeasts in food. I hope you find this review helpful.

Thanks for your feedback!

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