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Maybe too strong.

Posted by BetterHealthSeeker on November 12 2013 | Verified Purchase

I bought Methyl-B12 to see if my body needed Vitamin B12. I have been "sick" for more than 20 years where I have fatigue problem. I had many hypothesis on the cause of my fatigue. One of them was MTHFr defect. I suspected I have undermethylation problem as I compared my symptoms to generally known symptoms. So, when I took Methyl-B12 with P-5-P and 5-MTHF, I felt better for a whole week, but the felt even worse the next week. Yup, overmethylation. So, I cut down the amount to half, and felt better back. But it is not constant and stabil. Still working on for the proper amount and timing. A piece of advice for beginners. Try to take excessively for the first 3 days and if you feel better that means your body need them. You will feel so bad after that, but you can then reduse the amount untill you feel constantly better. Oh, and the delivery service is fabulous.I live in Japan but still I would get the supplements after just 5 days of ordering. Even domestic delivaries would sometimes take 5 days. Thanks a million iHerb.

Thanks for your feedback!

Works very well!

Posted by iHerb Customer on August 31 2014 | Verified Purchase

As a vegetarian for almost 22 years, lately I had symptoms of B-12 deficiency such as tingling/numbness in fingers and toes especially at night in bed. After a short while of taking B-12, those symptoms where reduced and went away. If I stop taking vit b-12, the tingling rapidly starts over again, but taking again b-12 stops it right away. At first I used a spray (500mcg), but this was to less to be helpfull. Then I used 5000mcg but it still wasn't enough. Also I got headaches because of the high dose. Now with 10,000mcg not a problem anymore. Take it when you wake up in the morning, because taking it to late will give you insomnia.

Thanks for your feedback!

Love these.

Posted by iHerb Customer on July 25 2017 | Verified Purchase

Extra strong dose and noticed immediate results in both myself and my 11 yr old daughter as we are vegetarian. They taste pretty good too! Will definitely buy again.

Thanks for your feedback!

High-dosed B12

Posted by iHerb Customer on August 15 2014 | Verified Purchase

Part of my B12 boost regimen. Combined with Ad-B12 literally makes me feel warm and glowy. Don't take it before going to bed, as you will feel (too) warm in bed. I take them in the morning with folate. With P-5-P.

Thanks for your feedback!

Highest dosage B12 supplement I have found.

Posted by iHerb Customer on January 1 2014 | Verified Purchase

GREAT high dosage I have found in a B12 supplement. Provides energy and stamina. I`m very happy

Thanks for your feedback!

Severe irritability and causes anger, too strong

Posted by iHerb Customer on November 29 2017 | Verified Purchase

this dosage is too strong, please buy the lower dosage and try out. i took one pill of this, and withing minutes, my mood changed drastically. i became sullen, angry and badly irritable. i got irritated over petty things, i'm usually calm and laid back. i stopped for a few days and the symptoms die out over time. i took it again after the break and the anger and irritability came back. i had to alight from the bus to prevent from bursting out in anger, as i was greatly irritated. it was over something so minor and petty, typical passengers inconsideration which i'm used to ignoring on daily commute. i'm usually calm and not bothered. this pill is too drastic. i was so agitated even when i'm at home surfing the net, i got angry because of a typo i made. PLEASE DO NOT TAKE THIS LIGHTLY I COULD HAVE SCREAMED AT SOMEONE, THAT'S HOW BAD THE ANGER WAS. even cutting each pill in half, has the anger and irritability symptoms, albeit slightly lesser. which only means that this can only be taken in very low low low dosage. I have since stopped taking this for weeks. and i'm no longer irritable or angry.

Thanks for your feedback!

This product meets my requirements.

Posted by iHerb Customer on August 1 2017 | Verified Purchase

I was looking for a high dosage B12 to take for my ALS - (called MND in Australia). Take 2 a day to suit my needs. Didn't want to chew a handful of B12 a couple of times a day at lower dosage.

Thanks for your feedback!

Good for winter months

Posted by iHerb Customer on February 17 2018 | Verified Purchase

Good pick-me up vitamine, helps me focus on my daily activities, and gives me good energy levels on dark winter months.

Thanks for your feedback!

Nice flavour, slow dissolving

Posted by iHerb Customer on February 5 2018 | Verified Purchase

These Methyl B12 lozenges are vegan, taste good, and dissolve slowly if you keep them under your upper lip (which apparently increases absorption). Thing is they actually dissolve a bit too slowly, since i've gone to bed with one, then forgetting i had one the night before, go to brush my teeth and find the water i spit out is red - there was still the remains of the lozenge in my mouth. Even when i remembered, like this morning, and swallowed the remaining lozenge before brushing my teeth, there was still a trace of red in the water. So maybe these are better to have in between food, rather than in the evening, where you might risk some going to waste.

Thanks for your feedback!

Thyroid People out there will love these

Posted by iHerb Customer on November 29 2017 | Verified Purchase

I am VitB deficient and these are my fav B12 vitamins I've tried and believe me I've tried them all! For me they work best before food - and i then i wait 20 minutes to eat.

Thanks for your feedback!

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