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Helps a LOT with anxiety

Posted by iHerb Customer on January 6 2011 | Verified Purchase

I've been taking three 500mg capsules regularly for two months now and seen a decrease in my overall general anxiety and mood swings. When I forgot to take a few doses over a course of a few days, I soon noticed a difference; my sleep quality reduced and I felt more irritable and anxious. In the past I had tried benzodiazepines and anti-depressants to help with my anxiety, depression, and occasional panic attacks... but they always came with awful side effects and/or withdrawal symptoms when quit or changed to another kind. Combined with regular intake of nutritional supplements, a balanced healthy diet, regular exercise and sleep, this amino acid really helps to keep my anxiety in check!

Thanks for your feedback!


Posted by iHerb Customer on January 9 2012 | Verified Purchase

I gave this to my mother to use in combo with B6 after she weaned off anti depressants. She reports no mental fog or depression, and is loving the increased vivid dreams and dream recall. Mums' happy and so am I!

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I take this to boost my magnesium uptake

Posted by iHerb Customer on October 28 2011 | Verified Purchase

Apparently, you need taurine to help boost magnesium uptake. I seem to have trouble absorbing and retaining magnesium, so I am willing to try anything at all to keep the cramps and stiff neck of low magnesium at bay!!! These are not expensive so I figure I can afford them. I have re-ordered this product several times now. I think it helps. Five stars for the low price!!!

Thanks for your feedback!

good for my anxiety.

Posted by RhondiLynne on April 25 2008 | Verified Purchase

When im having more anxiety than usual, and my normal supplements aren't able to curb the extra anxiety, I will take a Taurine, as a boost along with my other supplements, and it helps alot.

Thanks for your feedback!


Posted by iHerb Customer on December 23 2010 | Verified Purchase

This supplement really relaxes me. I stopped taking it for a while and noticed a huge difference. It really, really, works for anxiety. You have to take it regularly though. I've also noticed that it keeps my skin a little bit more hydrated than usual. I have eczema and I need that.

Thanks for your feedback!

Amazing Natural Cure !

Posted by vinetu28 on June 15 2012 | Verified Purchase

I decided to try taurine capsules after doing a bit of research in preparation for writing a review for an energy drink that I received a sample of for review purposes. Taurine is an amino acid which is found in many if not most energy drinks and is where the energy drink Red Bull gets its name; the word "taurine" is from "taurus"(as in the astrological sign) which is Latin for ox or bull, and taurine was first isolated from ox bile in 1827. The taurine found in energy drinks and supplements today is not, however, from ox bile, but is produced in laboratories. What I learned when researching taurine is that contrary to what I expected, taurine, unlike caffeine, is not a central nervous system stimulant, but is instead said to have more of a calming, relaxing, or sedating effect. For example, referring to taurine, professor of pharmacology and anesthesiology at Columbia University Neil L. Harrison says, "Its inclusion in these supplements is a little puzzling, because our research would suggest ... (that) taurine actually would have more of a sedative effect on the brain." (Source: Cornell University Chronicle Online, "Scientists close in on taurine's activity in the brain" 2/13/08.) NOW Foods says that taurine "supports a calm mood," while acknowledging that this claim has not been evaluated by the FDA. I figured I'd buy some taurine caps and find out for myself how it might affect me in ways of which I can be subjectively aware. 1000 mg of taurine is what is found in 8 ounce servings of most of the energy drinks that contain taurine, so I figured that was the best amount to experiment with. In my experience, taking 1000 - 2000 mg of taurine on an empty stomach (NOW Foods recommends taking it between meals) has a subtle yet unmistakeable calming effect on me. I've taken taurine at different times of the day without any unwanted side effects.

Thanks for your feedback!

It works for me!

Posted by iHerb Customer on January 6 2011 | Verified Purchase

I was often wondering if my suplements were working. Recently I ran out of taurine and it took a while to get it on backorder. During that time I became quite edgy until I got back on it. SO for me it does help keep me calm

Thanks for your feedback!

Calming & helps with sleep

Posted by iHerb Customer on April 2 2009 | Verified Purchase

This product is very good at calming my nervous system and helps me sleep at night.

Thanks for your feedback!


Posted by iHerb Customer on May 4 2009 | Verified Purchase

If ind that it tends to make me feel energized rather than "Having a calming effect," but that is o.k. So, now I take it in the morning. Helps this senior citizen a lot! Marion Rojas

Thanks for your feedback!

Good for my eyesight.

Posted by iHerb Customer on November 25 2009 | Verified Purchase

I purchased this product to help improve my eye sight and it worked. Prior to taking taurine I would see tiny flashes of light in my field of vision. When I started taking taurine (and zinc) the flashes stopped and my vision returned to normal.

Thanks for your feedback!

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