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Good but can be better as well!

Posted by Supplementsdiy on Apr 28, 2013 | Verified Purchase

Enzymes are needed in every metabolic function in our body. Even the minerals and vitamins required enzymes to work. When we unprocessed, uncooked raw food, the enzymes in the food will naturally help to break down the food and leaving little work for our stomach to break it. However, when we eat processed or cooked food, all the enzymes are dead and our body will need a lot of enzymes to finish the work. Our pancreas (main enzyme producer) will have to work hard to produce the enzymes and even divert the enzymes needed for other bodily function. Even wonder why we feel so sleepy, sluggish and having energy crash after a heavy processed or cooked meal, this is the reason why! You will notice that this is not same when you eat a lot of raw fruits and vegetables instead. When your body has to divert the enzymes for production for food, it actually compromises your physical and mental energy, immune system, stamina and etc! Taking digestive enzymes helps to make your food nutrients bioavailable for absorption, reduce food allergies, reduce stomach discomfort, loose stools, bloating etc and takes stress off your pancreas. It is believed that we can only produce a limited amount of enzymes in our life and you certainly don’t want to exhaust it in on your food. The less you use, the healthier, longer your life. Studies have shown that almost everyone over 50 has enlarged pancreas due to overstressed! For those who don’t know about enzymes products, it is considered a medium strength digestive blend. Basically, it contains 2x times a normal digestive blend will contain. It also contains specialised enzymes (other than just protease, lipase, amylase) to digest every food possible. It comes with 252mg of botanical blend and it’s unnecessary in an enzyme product but no harm though. The caps are vegetarian, not too big and easy to swallow. This product also contains multiple strains of protease and amylase. This is because different enzymes function between pH value ranges. It is to ensure that you can enjoy food across different digestive organs (eg stomach is acidic, small intestine is mild alkaline). The best way to take this is to take it just before eating. Generally, I take 1 scoop for a normal meal, 2 when I overeat and 3-4 when I am eating a buffet. This is not very cheap even if it is in powder form. At least it comes without fillers, flow agents or binders like the capsules version of this product. It does work faster since you do not have to wait for the capsules to dissolve. However, it finds it less convenient to take this and the bottle is not suitable for carrying around. Check out my page for more reviews!

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Best Enzymes

Posted by iHerb Customer on Aug 23, 2008 | Verified Purchase

Highest Potency, Broad Spectrum Digestive Enzymes. Have been very happy with this product for years.

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My favorite source for enzymes!

Posted by iHerb Customer on Dec 09, 2009 | Verified Purchase

This product outshines anything I've used. The powder give direct access to digestion--no wait for capsules to break down. I add it to my morning shake and I'm good to go.

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Must try!

Posted by iHerb Customer on Jan 25, 2007 | Verified Purchase

It tastes good and you can easily carry it with you when you eat out. Never leave home without it!

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Disappointed -- won't repurchase

Posted by iHerb Customer on Jun 27, 2011 | Verified Purchase

Although I continue to buy other Garden of Life products, I consider Omega-Zyme a huge blunder. To be quite ernest, it just doesn't produce results, even when I feed myself an excessive five mini-scoop portions. So while Garden of Life gets their act together on enzymes, patients who are in need of a serious, reliable and effective enzyme supplement should use Doctor's Best "Best Digestive Enzymes." This is the one that has worked for me and my extended family.

Thanks for your feedback!


Posted by iHerb Customer on Feb 17, 2012 | Verified Purchase

Good blend of digestive enzymes.

Thanks for your feedback!

Works good with Primal Defense

Posted by eeleen on Oct 19, 2010 | Verified Purchase

i find this rather pricey but so far it seems to help me digest my meals much better and helps my food allergies when i take this with primal defense.

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Excellent product, good price.

Posted by iHerb Customer on May 11, 2010 | Verified Purchase

I highly recommend it.

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Garden of Life Q-ZYME

Posted by iHerb Customer on Jan 24, 2011 | Verified Purchase

A great deal on a product that does what it's supposed to.

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O-Zyme blend 81g

Posted by iHerb Customer on Nov 13, 2008 | Verified Purchase

Excellent service, i will always shop through your company couldn't fault the service

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