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Very Awesome Product !

Posted by vinetu28 on Aug 03, 2012 | Verified Purchase

I am a health-food, nutritional product junkie. I try new products all the time and occasionally find products that become part of my daily routine. ZeoForce goes well beyond that for me. It's amazing what 1 or 2 servings daily will do for your body and sense of well-being. I had a lot of amalgam fillings in my teeth for years and suffered what I now realize were the symptoms of mercury toxicity. After ameliorating that situation, I'm now doing a slow and steady mercury detox. I use cilantro, chlorella AND ZeoForce to help my body process the removal of heavy metals. Without ZeoForce, I was getting arthritis-y finger swelling and a host of other detox symptoms. Adding ZeoForce changed everything and now I let my body tell me when I need to take more ZeoForce although it's at least daily. In addition, eating wheat, sugar, dairy and other food sensitivities causes that whole finger swelling thing which responds within an hour to a cup of water and zeolite. My experience makes me wonder how many people who have symptoms that the medical community has labeled Arthritis actually have a sensitivity to foods, or heavy metals, or whose bodies are fighting something else. What I do know is that anyone who is striving for wellness needs to try this product. It's not like Bentonite (my first thought), but a sponge-like volcanic ash that's naturally magnetic. It pulls in heavy metals from your body, encapsulates them in its tiny molecular honeycomb structure, and helps to release them safely from your body. In my honest opinion, this stuff is worth whatever it costs, and I cannot imagine a day that ZeoForce will not be a part of my daily routine.

Thanks for your feedback!


Posted by iHerb Customer on May 01, 2010 | Verified Purchase

This product totally surprised me by it's effectiveness. I've been using it just a few days, and yet I can sense some major changes in my well being. My stomach and entire digestive system got balanced almost immediately after first portion. After two days I woke up first time for several years without needing to blow my nose first thing in the morning. I'm very excited to see further reactions.

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Zeoforce Zeolite by Healthforce

Posted by iHerb Customer on Jul 25, 2012 | Verified Purchase

This is an excellent product at a very good price. Subject to some of the considerations mentioned below, it is well worth a try. Firstly, the iHerb response both in terms of customer contact and in the shipping and receiving of this product was A+. Way to go iHerb. Secondly, the response of customer service at Healthforce was also excellent. Their initial response was delayed by volume I suspect, but once they made contact, their assistance was invaluable. Using the phone is quicker. Way to go Healthforce. Thirdly, while this product has a number of uses internal and external, it is a detox product. It is listed as having several beneficial effects. Among these are that it removes not only heavy metals but chemical toxins as well. For those of you familiar with detox products, this last is a bonus. If you are familiar with detox products and you know your own body quite well, this is a worthwhile product to sample after you do independent research. There is a lot of literature that makes conflicting claims about the effects of and mode of operation of this product. The other thing worth investigating is the size of the particles in the product. It has to be reduced to its consumable size by artificial means. The size to which it is reduced varies from product to product. The size of the product will affect the mode by which the product operates in the body. So, research is important. Healthforce were very helpful in this regard. However, if you are not familiar with detox products, in addition to doing your own research, you might want to look up a qualified health practitioner who understands environmental medicine. I happen to live in a bit of a cultural backwater, so there are none of these here. Most mainstream medical people won’t be familiar with detox, so it helps to have someone to help you who is. Bottom line with heavy metal detox is that before metals can be removed from your body, something has to dislodge them from wherever they are stored. They do not spend their lives in our bodies floating around in our blood. Although many products claim that once they bind the toxins, they do not release them, bodily experience suggests that not all toxins and metals that are dislodged during detox are removed from the body. Depending upon what is being moved around, and where it relocates itself, things can happen. Caution is always advised when doing detox. I had significant exposure to both chemical and heavy metal toxins when I was a kid. As an adult, I had a dentist who believed that her silver fillings in any size were vastly superior to my natural teeth. She was a perfectionist so she would remove the recent fillings and replace them as her impulses dictated, always removing more of that unneeded natural tooth when she did. I did not know that silver = mercury. As it happens, it also = tin. She didn’t say and I didn’t ask. Other dentists were horrified by her handiwork, including a few who thought that using mercury fillings was perfectly acceptable. I have been fortunate to find a really good dentist in Fullerton CA who removed the fillings as safely as possible. In addition to the fact that tin is a multi faceted toxin all on its own, since my childhood exposure to organotins, I am allergic to some of them. It would have been really nice to know that silver fillings contained tin and that bacteria in the mouth can methylise them, but, hey, I didn’t ask! With recent findings about mercury, lead, cadmium, arsenic etc., organotins are a kind of rage item because they are believed to be safe. They are used in all sorts of products. VOCs containing them seem to be a trigger, and then my immune system attacks the stores of tin in my body. Recently, I had a severe attack which has persisted for months. I had been looking for a detox agent that would remove tin. This isn’t easy to do. Zeolite is advertised as binding to tin. I thought that I would try. Within 2 weeks of using zeolite, my multiple site reactions to the organotin subsided. Because my immune system is sensitive at the moment, subsequent re exposure triggered another attack. Again, after about 2 weeks, the attack subsided. Organotins are also attracted to nuclear receptors. They mess big time with the endocrine system, among other things. Since taking the zeolite, some of my endocrine dysfunction has improved too. This is a much appreciated side benefit. Only thing that might distress anyone is that occasionally there are larger pieces of zeolite in the powder. They aren’t very big but when the size is supposed to be a few microns and you have a piece that might be half a millimeter, some folks might be concerned. A good thing is that the container is glass. Plastics are toxins and the food grade coatings used in some of them consist of polymerised organotin. I don’t need any more of them, thanks. None of the other natural detox products that I have been taking for years and that I continue to take have had these beneficial effects. Yahoo! Thank you zeolite! Thank you Healthforce! Thank you iHerb! And thanks to the Creator who maketh everything, me and zeolite included! Remember, caution is always the best approach, so, if you aren’t experienced doing detox, find a health care provider who is, but this is an excellent product at a very good price.

Thanks for your feedback!

Great product for the important task

Posted by djsoma on Feb 26, 2011 | Verified Purchase

Great for getting rid of heavy metal toxins and most of all the bad calcium from the soft tissues causing stiffness and pain (it's called calcification, caused by wrong type of poorly-absorbed cheap mineral calcium like calcium carbonate etc). Taste is not too bad either. To de-calcify my body I'm also taking 1 tablespoon of MSM sulphur once or twice a day, mixed in water with Madre-C (natural vitamin c, which enhances absorption) and lime juice to cover the awful taste. Zeolite also great for taking a detox bath and feels very good in my hair afterwards :)

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Posted by iHerb Customer on Aug 30, 2010 | Verified Purchase

This ZeoForce started clearing out my bloodstream right away and within a few days my liver started clearing house and dumped a huge load of chemicals into my bloodstream. I felt toxic and sick from such a load of chemicals, so I took more ZeoForce and it cleared all of it out of my system. I have continued to take the ZeoForce daily and can feel that I am detoxing and my liver started releasing stored up fat within two weeks on ZeoForce. I can see it when I have a bowel movement. I have had blocked pathways and chemical sensitivity for 25 years from working at a job dealing with chemicals daily, so I had a lot of stored toxins and was very sick. Now for the first time my sense of smell is down and I am less sensitive. Detoxing such huge amounts of toxins has made me feel bad at times, but I know it is just part of the process and I will feel better after all the poisons are out. Taking ZeoForce has made detoxing so much easier and helps take the poisons rapidly out of my bloodstream so I am less distressed then with some other method that would allow me to reabsorb the toxins because my pathways are blocked. I believe that ZeoForce will detox my body completely and open up my pathways and allow my liver and cells to repair themselves. I believe that ZeoForce was my only option with my pathways blocked since I could not even tolerate supplements without feeling toxic because I could not hold anything more. In today's toxic world I believe that anyone would benefit from taking ZeoForce, not just someone with extreme problems like mine.

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Definitely worth buying!

Posted by Supplementsdiy on Apr 18, 2013 | Verified Purchase

This is probably the most inexpensive way to detox. Zeolite can be used often internally and externally. It has a very clay like taste/smell. Zeolite has a very strong negative ionic charge, allowing it to be easily draw and bond positively charged ions such as heavy metals, environmental chemicals like pesticides, pathogens, viruses, impurities, drugs so it can be easily be removed and pas sed out of the body. It’s very alkalising, helping to balance our body’s pH value. It also aids our body to better absorb nutrients and allows our immune system to fight harmful bacteria and virus better. When used externally, its electromagnetic property helps to increase blood circulation, skin cell repair and removed impurities such chlorine etc. It is best to have done a colon detox prior to taking this so that the toxins can be removed easily. It is important to take high fiber to speed the waste removal proces s to avoid irritation to intestine walls and prevent reabsorbing it again. It is recommended to be taken on empty stomach to improve the cleansing effect. What makes Healthforce Zeolite superior to other similar product is that it is magnetically sanitized (important components are not destroyed by heat or radiation), concentrated and not diluted (value for money), enhanced with homeopathic and vibrational energies (improve cleansing and the positive energy can be pas sed to our cells), micro reduced to the size of a red blood cell (can be easily absorbed to our blood stream and smaller size also means increased surface area) and is truganic. (Healthforce’s own stringent version of organic). Personally, I find the taste to be acceptable and tolerable and do not make me gag. The detoxicification effect is much stronger than detoxing green food (e.g wheat gras s, cholera) and it is wise to start with low dosages before increasing. The beneficial effect will be felt rather quickly (few days). It is important to take occasional break from this as our body do requires the heavy metals in minuscule amounts for uses as well. Check out my page for more reviews!

Thanks for your feedback!

Aplastic anemia

Posted by iHerb Customer on Oct 16, 2013 | Verified Purchase

Nowhere is pointed out a warning that detox with this kind of detox, can cause aplastic anemia (life threatening anemia, severest form) when stored poisons starts being drawn out. Very serious. I have gotten aplastic anemia since I started with this product. I will for sure follow up here. A warning should be in place amongst product's info...

Thanks for your feedback!

Excellent product

Posted by iHerb Customer on Sep 07, 2011 | Verified Purchase

My chihuahua was sick with an auto-immune disease (diagnosis we were given) and not eating for months and we were making weekly trips to the vet to for IV's, antibiotics and steroids. Nothing help until i gave him two days of Zeoforce. He is now eating playing and went back from 4 to his normal 6 lbs. My husband and I are also using and having excellent results.

Thanks for your feedback!

Best deal for your money

Posted by iHerb Customer on Nov 05, 2010 | Verified Purchase

I really didnt care for the taste at beginning but it gets yucky after a while so I just mix with orange juice and drink a cup or two after a meal. it sure help with bowl movement and also works good for acne. you can actually feel it working. 5 stars all the way!

Thanks for your feedback!

Very very good

Posted by iHerb Customer on Jul 24, 2010 | Verified Purchase

I bought this after a lot of dithering following glowing reviews from other people here, and also found an almost immediate positive effect on my digestive system, clearly linked to the Zeoforce. I tried another brand a few years back which had nothing like its effect. Slightly more rounded picture: I quite often mix the zeoforce with humic or fulvic acid. I'm supplementing with zinc at the opposite end of the day to this product, and am also taking a really state of the art probiotic (it includes all the byproducts that you'd get from kefir in raw milk). Collectively, these things have sorted me out in the space of a fortnight.

Thanks for your feedback!

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