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Puts out the fire

Posted by iHerb Customer on Mar 11, 2009 | Verified Purchase

If you google up "life extension magazine+April 2007" you can read about the effects of limonene on GERD and the double blind study that was done.

Thanks for your feedback!

Really helps my Gerd symptoms!!!

Posted by iHerb Customer on Feb 03, 2015 | Verified Purchase

I just completed the 20 day course of 1 every other day and I must say that it has helped me so much, I am in the weaning process of getting off Nexium, it took me almost a year to taper off 40mg 1x day to now 5mg every other day. I am almost there, being completely off this ppi, the d-linonene has made a big difference although I still have mild symptoms but no where to the point they were. I think now I will use a couple times per week for a while to see if I get any more improvement. Burping of the orange peel is a good thing, it means the product is working at reaching and coating the esophagus.

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Posted by iHerb Customer on Feb 02, 2011 | Verified Purchase

Disliking being on Acid-Reducers the rest of my life, I tried every recommendation to rid myself of Acid Reflux. I tied cleansing, HCI tablets, Vinegar, Apple, you name it. Nothing worked for me until I read about D-Limonene. It is wonderful. Jarrow Formulas' d-Limonene is a high quality for the best price.

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Great product

Posted by iHerb Customer on Apr 21, 2009 | Verified Purchase

Great product. I noticed an improvement of my acid reflux/heartburn within 3-4 days. Highly recommended.

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Limonene Softgels

Posted by iHerb Customer on Apr 19, 2010 | Verified Purchase

After 8 years of probably destroying my stomach with prescription acid reflux medicine (insert one of the many brand names here), I tried Limonene. I'm not sure if it was the Limonene or the process of getting un-addicted to the Rx, but it has worked. The big Pharms. and their doctor friends don't tell you that those prescription drugs are for short term treatment. I strongly encourage using this product in conjuntion with a good anti-GERD diet. Besides several foods that coat your esophogus, this stuff releases orange oil that coats the esophogus. Transitioning the first few weeks are difficult, but it's worth it. I still get heartburn occasionally, but this and other foods have helped me quickly treat it. After the 2 week transition with Limonene (daily), water or milk quickly wash away mild heartburn. These methods, used in combination provide a safe, natural, an inexpensive treatment to GERD. I take the limonene once or twice a week now and have little problems.

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bile floooow!!

Posted by iHerb Customer on Oct 26, 2012 | Verified Purchase

This has been great for me with increasing bile flow. I do recommend taking this at night. First reason is it can make you tired and second reason is that you can become nauseated from the bile being dumped into the intestines, which is another reason why this needs to be taken with food, especially heavy food or fatty oils to offset the fat absorption and breakdown. So I usually take this every other day with a heavy meal. If one is getting too nauseated from this, I recommend lowering the dosage to 500mg, which I may do in once the bottle is out, that way I can take everyday and not worry about the nausea/sleepy side effects.

Thanks for your feedback!

D-Limonene and acid reflux

Posted by iHerb Customer on Oct 04, 2011 | Verified Purchase

I was recommended this product by Dr. Teitelbaum author of Fatigue to Fantastic, I am getting my digestion back on track after being diagnosised with H. Pylori bacteria which includes symptoms of acid reflux, this product really helped me immediately, my throat, stomach felt more relaxed after a meal, I feel less bloated and I actually feel good when I burp up the orange peel taste, this product is better than Nexum, the more I use it the calmer my digestive system feel, I'm using it every other day for 20 days. Highly recommended for digestive and bloating upsets.

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Worth the extra money to get the other more expensive products

Posted by iHerb Customer on Mar 08, 2010 | Verified Purchase

This is just food grade limonene, not 98.5% food grade limonene like the other two products. It bothers my stomach more, tastes worse and isn't as effective as Life Extension EsophaGuard. It's of course a better value, but I ended up throwing it out.

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It definitely helps

Posted by iHerb Customer on Jan 21, 2011 | Verified Purchase

I have gastro esophageal reflux disease and I had researched many different ways to cure it and I found d-Limonene. It sounded great and it seemed like it would be a definite cure. I can't say for sure that it works perfectly, since I haven't taken the full dose (1 pill every other day for 20 days, so 10 pills). However I can say that based on what I've been eating recently, that it works so far. All of the symptoms are so much less severe than they used to be. The symptoms aren't completely gone though. Again I haven't finished the full treatment yet, so it might soon. I would certainly recommend this product for anyone looking for relief. It's important to know that this helps acid reflux because it coats your throat and protects it from the stomach acid that refluxes up from your stomach. It is still citrus. It will hurt your stomach if it's really sensitive. You may feel as if the symptoms are worse initially. Make sure you still take any antacids or medicine you take for acid reflux before you take this pill. Take a little more than usual if you're really concerned. Personally none of my symptoms worsened after taking this, but it could happen. After taking it, I burped a little more and it felt like there was an orange taste in my mouth. It even felt every time that I breathed in through my nose that I smelled oranges. That's normal. I love oranges, so I really enjoyed the taste and it's no cause for concern if you feel any of those symptoms. It's working fine. I recommend progressive muscle relaxation in addition to this if you want to truly get rid of any recurring acid reflux. This will eventually wear off (from the sounds of it, about six months). Progressive muscle relaxation will strengthen the lower esophageal sphincter and thus prevent stomach acid from reaching the esophagus much better than before. I gave this four stars, because it doesn't actually get rid of the problem all the way and you would eventually have to take it again. Additionally I don't know if it gets rid of all the symptoms, because I'm not quite done with the treatment yet. It certainly does work well. I would be feeling so much worse right now based on what I've been eating this week than I am right now. I am only experiencing very minor symptoms. Make sure you take this treatment right and follow the instructions on the bottle and you should definitely feel results.

Thanks for your feedback!

Limonene works!

Posted by iHerb Customer on Apr 19, 2009 | Verified Purchase

They don't know how or why, but it works. I had been looking for an alternative to Famotidine for GERD for a long time, then I read about d-Limonene. I tried it, and to my amazement, it did all that I read it would. I stopped taking the pharm drug overnight and haven't needed it since.

Thanks for your feedback!

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