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AMAZING product!!!

Posted by Reviewer2562742 on Apr 23, 2007 | Verified Purchase

I suffered from chronic bladder infections for almost 5 years. I had tried every antibiotic imaginable, and (I thought) everything the alternative health practitioners had to offer as well. When someone told me about D-mannose, I thought "yeah, right", but anything was worth a shot. So I bought some. Within hours, my symptoms were gone. I am now infection free, antibiotic free, and yeast infection free. D-mannose is the awesome. I wish someone had told me about it five years ago.

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Actually Works

Posted by Reviewer2421911 on Jul 06, 2006 | Verified Purchase

I call this the miracle powder. It has cured me of cronic urinary tract infections. Cranberries did nothing for me, this actually works!

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so far so good

Posted by Reviewer3311989 on Nov 10, 2007 | Verified Purchase

i have no idea if this is the real reason, but it may have saved my kidneys. I have been having recurrent UTI's for 4 years now. They torture me about every 5 to 7 weeks and i have to take antibiotics that make me feel almost worse, otherwise the infection always gets to my kidneys. I have been taking this harmless simple sugar powder for 5 months and have yet to go through the hell of a UTI and the antibiotics to treat it! I also take a couple cranberry pills a day, and if your symptoms seem to be intercourse related, I recommend a glass of water with a teaspoon of D-Mannose right after sex, and if you can remember, pop a cranberry pill before, too.

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Ingredients and Lupus

Posted by 5729303717429719776 on Feb 20, 2013 | Verified Purchase

I wish there was full disclosure on the bottle. Because of my food sensitivities, I needed to know what the food source was before taking this product. The NowFoods site says "NOW’s pure Mannose is derived from corn, white and sweet potatoes, beech or birch woods". I'm currently using D-Mannose from HealthLine Nutrition, which is derived from cranberry. I wish iHerb carried it! Ambrotose has been a huge help to me in regaining functionality with Lupus. At the quantities I need, it is very expensive and I've been researching other options and which essential sugars I need most. I've read that many with Lupus are most helped by mannose. I've been taking it for a couple of weeks and been able to decrease my dependence on Ambrotose, at great savings. D-Mannose helps me with the energy and endurance I need to get through each day. Shawna

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My miracle product!

Posted by Reviewer1032847 on Apr 30, 2007 | Verified Purchase

I have to say I was skeptical after reading some of the reviews of this product. Some people said that they felt relief after just one usage. I was in terrible pain and wasn't able to contact my doctor for antibiotics (thank goodness!) so I went ahead and ordered a bottle of D-Mannose powder. iHerb got my order to me the very next day! Well...you guessed it! After just one use of the powder I immediately felt a difference and after the second day I was feeling absolutely no discomfort. I now take one maintenance dose each day --- easy to do in order to keep my UTI's at bay!

Thanks for your feedback!

Amazingly keeps chronic UTIs at bay!

Posted by Reviewer1747568 on Jul 17, 2012 | Verified Purchase

My toddler son had ongoing problems with urinary tract infections until I started giving this to him daily. Initially we used it along with homeopathics to successfully treat an active UTI (with symptoms of cloudy urine and pain on voiding) and would give him a few doses of this whenever his urine became cloudy again or he complained of pain. Finally we decided to just give him a small daily dose to see if it would help keep any UTIs at bay and, we are thrilled to say, it did! I would give him 1/2 teaspoon mixed with a bit of juice or almond or rice milk each morning and he would have no symptoms. If I forgot the D-Mannose for a few days in a row, his urine would start to turn cloudy again; D-Mannose twice a day for a couple days and we'd be back on track again. Amazing stuff! I am happy to say my son has now outgrown his urinary issues and we no longer need D-Mannose, but I would HIGHLY recommend it to anyone who has problems with urinary infections.

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Works As a Preventative

Posted by Reviewer1389905 on Apr 27, 2010 | Verified Purchase

This seems to work for me to help prevent my UTIs which are always set off from sex. I make sure that I do a dose before or immediately after and I have been UTI free for two months now which is great. Cypro doesn't even work for me anymore even though the culture says that it should. I did use this product for two weeks while I knew that I had an infecion and while it did ease my sysmptoms, the UTI came back full on as soon as I stopped taking the powder. In summary, works to prevent UTIs but not while an infection has already set in. Also for chronic UTI sufferers out there. I LOVE acidic foods (wine, coffee, tea, chocolate, spicy foods, thai) but they are also very irritating to the urinary tract. When irritated, the tissue is more inflammed and prone to bacterial infections. I now take two Prelief capelets with whatever may be acidic. My life has CHANGED. I was getting UTI's 1-2x a month and was miserable. Prelief has been key in keeping my urinary tract from becoming irrated so I am less prone to UTIs.

Thanks for your feedback!

Keeps me free of UTIs

Posted by Reviewer1580371 on Nov 09, 2007 | Verified Purchase

I had chronic UTIs until I started taking 1 teaspoon of D-Mannose Powder every day. I went an entire year without an infection. Then I took a trip and forgot to take the powder with me. Within a week I had a UTI!

Thanks for your feedback!

A Miracle Product for Kidney Infections

Posted by Reviewer3193051 on Jan 10, 2009 | Verified Purchase

Last Thanksgiving after cooking dinner for 14 people I was sitting at the table, ready to enjoy my efforts. All of a sudden I had a feeling in my lower back like somebody had punched me with both fists. My temperature shot up to 102 and I was in agony. I got online to find a natural cure for what I assumed must be a kidney infection. I don't take antibiotics and almost never see a doctor. I went to a local health food store and picked up this product.*** I mixed D-Mannose with a pro-biotic (goat's milk yoghurt) in a smoothy. YUMMMMM! Almost immediately my fever lowered by 2 degrees and within 2 days after taking D-Mannose my infection was gone. I've since recommended it to several people and everyone has had a similar experience. It's especially impressive to people who have tried taking anti-biotics only to find out that the kidney infections return frequently. *** Since I've discovered iHerb.com I keep my supply up. Their prices are sooooo good and their service is excellent. Thanks for all!

Thanks for your feedback!

Works great!

Posted by Reviewer1549745 on Apr 17, 2008 | Verified Purchase

I have had bladder issues for many years now... I just couldn't 'hold it'... I was on bladder control medicine for years. But then I saw a new urologist and he suggested D-Mannose and weened me off Enablex. I can't believe it actually worked... I've been sleeping through the night and can make an hour drive without stopping to pee! I started out ordering D-Mannose from the doctors website which was a whopping $70 for a month and a half supply. I was skeptical trying this 'less-expensive' brand but I'm so glad I did it works just as good if not better and for less then half the price! yay!

Thanks for your feedback!

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