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Very Effective Anti-parasite formula

Posted by RubiesHealth on January 9 2013 | Verified Purchase

It may seem inconvenient to have to take this 3 times a day, half hour before meals, but it is definitely more effective than other formula that go with or after meals. If 3 times is not possible, twice - once upon waking, once just before bedtime, is also effective. This uses the potent fresh green (unripened) black walnut, not dried or ripened black walnut which is not effective. If you start with 0.5 dropper 3 times a day (day 1=1.5 dropper), and increase 0.5 dropper everyday (day 2=2.0dropper, day 3=2.5dropper, etc), you will reach 2dropper 3 times a day on the 10th day (day 10=6dropper). Continue with 6dropper daily until day 14, then rest for one week. Do this for 3-4 cycles if this is your first parasite cleanse. Do 2 cycles once or twice a year thereafter as maintenance. This is assuming you do not experience any uncomfortable effect like headache, nausea or constipation/diarrhea. You can manage the effect by slowing down dosage increase. If you are of a small built, you can keep the maximum dosage at 1dropper 3 times a day. You can add 2 tablet of Nature's Secret Super Cleanse (100% herbal) at bedtime if you do experience constipation. The above suggested dosage consumes 61.5 droppers in 14day. One bottle serves about 74 droppers.

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nc pet owner/farmer

Posted by iHerb Customer on May 22 2008 | Verified Purchase

This is an excellent product. I use it for 90 days a year as directed, particularly in the summer when I am outdoors and working with animals. I also give this to my pets, and it seems to control parasites on them/in them better than anything I have tried. It tastes really bad, so I recommend taking it with a bit of organic vinegar. You may notice your stomach flattening after taking it, and may even feel encapsulated parasites moving under your skin the first time you take it. It helps with sleep because parasites interfere with sleep. I also recommend using korean detox foot pads along with this product to detoxify and cleanse you, and reduce swelling in your joints that may come from parasite waste. Some people take it with colon cleanser, but I don't. It can be used to treat ear mites in pets, and I have used it on dogs, cats, and ferrets, internally and externally. I have never had any adverse reaction to the product using it as directed.

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Amazed with wormwoon

Posted by iHerb Customer on March 1 2011 | Verified Purchase

I had been to the hospital and doctors i was having severe abdominal pain when i did some research and found out that my tiredness and pain could be internal parasites.. because wormwood is all natural i purchased it i took it for 2 WEEKS after 4 days i started to notice little white things in my stool and i stopped getting severe sharp cramping. I am 100% satisfied and also recommend taking this every six months.

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awesome stuff

Posted by LadyEnigma on October 5 2016 | Verified Purchase

This amazing tincture just might give me my body and my life back! I have suffered for over 5 years with fibromyalgia, cystic acne, asthma, migraines, degenerative disc disease/ back and neck agony, sleep disorders and neuropathic pain--to name a few. After a few days of taking this stuff, I was already convinced that parasites were the largest part of these problems, if not the MAIN CULPRITS!!! As others have commented about this product, I cannot "unsee" what I have seen in my toilet. Let me just tell you that I might have been truly traumatized had I not a tough psyche and a strong stomach. By day 3, I was seeing pinhead-sized droppings in my underwear-- lots of them--and every day, since then, it is the same. I am horrified by how many worms or eggs are exiting my female parts alone! Cause for ovarian cyst?? By day 6, a dead, white worm [1 and 1/2 inches long] was actually on the pads I have taken to wearing throughout this "cleanse". By day 8, I started having horrible gut cramping and nausea, as I began defecating 6 - 9 times a day-- each time, with one or MORE, roundworms in the toilet bowl when I was done. The longest of these roundworms that have left my body, were 6 - 8 inches long and were defecated after bouts of horrifyingly noxious flatulence and agonizing stomach cramps. I swear, I have lost at least 3 lbs of parasites as of today-- Day 12--and I have lost count of how many roundworms ALONE I have seen in the toilet. I keep taking the tincture, keep visiting the bathroom, and KEEP EXPELLING WORMS!!!! Dear Lord, I see NOW how and why I have suffered so many ailments for so long!!! I expect that, in a month or two, or even three, when I am levelling off on ridding my body of these parasitic monsters...that I shall not only have a very slim belly, but vanishing health problems, by the grace of God! Will update in a few works. YES YES YES -- this stuff works!!!!**If you find my review useful, click "YES" and see more useful info by clicking on my name.**

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Posted by iHerb Customer on December 1 2015 | Verified Purchase

I can not RAVE enough about this stuff. I recommend it to everyone, and it's cheaper here on iHerb than it is on Amazon. You will need two full bottles for a complete cleanse in my experience. You don't want to be in the middle of round two (which is the finish line really) and out of this stuff. This parasite cleanse kills ALL CRITTERS. Worms, flukes, mites, etc. I have used it a number of times to kill the parasites, and now as a maintenance to keep their numbers at bay. I have used it on my daughters and my dog, and it really knocks all critters dead. **NOTE** YOU MUST KEEP YOUR COLON CLEAN WHILE CLEANSING. Once those critters die, and you get awful headaches and digestive upset, the bugs are dead and marinating in your guts with all their dead poisonous waste being processed by your body. Take a colon cleanser when you feel the detox effects, do an enema, whatever. But it's crucial. You MUST get the dead bugs out ASAP. I also recommend Bentonite clay to mop up the toxins for elimination if you are having very bad headaches. If you think you are special, and do not have parasites, you're 100% incorrect. If you use this stuff, and you don't see dead bugs falling out of various holes on your body, you need to up your dose, and take it a full 30-minutes before eating on an empty stomach three times a day. Do not overeat, etc. Kill the bugs. BUY THIS STUFF.

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Effective against Candida Albicans fungus

Posted by iHerb Customer on November 13 2007 | Verified Purchase

I bought this to continue battling against Candida overgrowth. There is no doubt that this product has helped to kill the Candida within my body. My progress has been greatly helped by this product.

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AWESOME and tastes good!

Posted by iHerb Customer on July 4 2009 | Verified Purchase

I work with very sick dogs and cats in a shelter situation. I constantly have IBS symptoms. My symptoms have cleared up by using this product in conjunction with Eclectic Institute, Intestinal Support for several days. Now every morning I use the maximum dose of this in my coffee and I hope never to have IBS problems again!

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It realy works

Posted by iHerb Customer on June 14 2013 | Verified Purchase

We use it for body cleaning and for other thinks: like treat itchy spots, eczemas, wounds, cuts, nasal drops(3 drops in 10 ml NaCl for 24 hours.The running nose stops.. I think It's useful and necessary to have this in your home first aid kit. I've been ordering and recommending this to all my friends. The Russian medics says "If you clean your body parasites You'll protect yourself from more then 80% of your feature illness"

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This product works

Posted by iHerb Customer on November 9 2010 | Verified Purchase

Within a week, I could see small dead floating bits that looked like worms in the toilet. The anal itching stopped and I feel like I have gotten some of my energy back. Women who do the cooking, handling raw meat all the time and cleaning, handling other peoples undergarments and changing diapers should use this product periodically just be on the safe side. I put it into apple cider with ice and it tastes fine.

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E Coli Bacteria Help, Urinary Bladder Infections

Posted by iHerb Customer on October 16 2008 | Verified Purchase

I bought this product initially because of re-occurring bladder & kidney infections. I reserached the causes thereof and found out that these ingredients were used by others that had the same problem. Voila' !! within 3 days of taking this product the symptoms dissapeared, pain, and all of that stuff and I have not had a re-occurance since. It has been 5 months!! I plan to take this product as recommended once or twice a year.

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