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Potent enzymes

Posted by TinVal on Aug 11, 2012 | Verified Purchase

They have no fillers. I like that. Plus capsule is made from plan cellulose. Doctor's best shows quality as usual.

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One of the BEST out there !

Posted by vinetu28 on Aug 27, 2012 | Verified Purchase

Having tried other digestive enzymes, I say with confidence, this is a great enzyme to take. I've suffered with IBS for years. Not any more! Plant based enzymes such as these are more effective. I take 5 with each meal. Every person is different. Some may only need one or two. It's best to try just a few and increase the amount of capsules until your symptoms have gone away. Many doctors say to take just 1 with each meal. That often isn't enough and people are left thinking the enzymes don't work or the brand of capsules is the issue. Take it from me, this works. I've been to surgeons, gastro-docs, natural docs, you name it. Once I began taking this, I am symptom free. Side note:Specific enzymes work on specific foods. You need the right type of enzyme for the foods you want it to break down. Think of the foods you have problems with and then choose a product that contains at least those types of enzymes. Here is a list of the common enzyme types and foods they act on. Digestive enzymes are enzymes that break down food into usable material. The major different types of digestive enzymes are: • amylase – breaks down carbohydrates, starches, and sugars which are prevalent in potatoes, fruits, vegetables, and many snack foods • lactase – breaks down lactose (milk sugars) • alpha-glactosidase – facilitates digestion of beans, legumes, seeds, roots, soy products, and underground stems • protease – breaks down proteins found in meats, nuts, eggs, and cheese • pepsin – breaks down proteins into peptides • peptidase – breaks down small peptide proteins to amino acids • bromelain – derived from pineapple, breaks down a broad spectrum of proteins • papain – derived from raw papaya, broad range of substrates and pH, works well breaking down small and large proteins • lipase – breaks down fats found in most dairy products, nuts, oils, and meat • cellulase – breaks down cellulos, plant fiber; not found in humans

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Digestive Enzymes All Vegetarian, 10 Veggie Caps

Posted by alvinlky on Jul 17, 2012 | Verified Purchase

It really works after trying the samples, especially when overeating, it helps me to relieve my bloating and indigestion. The product and comes from a Company, I have trusted for years.

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Helps pancreas fight off cancer

Posted by iHerb Customer on Jun 27, 2012 | Verified Purchase

The ingredient list seems the right one for aiding digestion, aiding the pancreas and freeing specific pancreatic enzymes that can go on with the task of eliminating blood sugar (and hence effectively fighting cancer, as blood sugar feeds cancer cells) rather than being required to work on digesting difficult foods we feed ourselves, such as meat and carbs. So, get this in order to help your pancreas better digest your food, and enable it top boost your immune system.

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Good quality

Posted by ShaktiSophia on Aug 22, 2012 | Verified Purchase

I like that this enzyme supplement has a wide range of enzymes in good concentration, and no fillers at all. I also find the sample size really handy, especially to take to the restaurant.

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Posted by iHerb Customer on Oct 08, 2011 | Verified Purchase

i like taking this right after i eat a meal. it helps prevent gas, bloating, and other uncomfortable feelings.

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Seem to work

Posted by iHerb Customer on May 11, 2012 | Verified Purchase

Wish we knew how many to take with amounts of food, but these do seem to work.

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Works well!

Posted by QuirkyMissy on May 10, 2012 | Verified Purchase

I have reflux problem forever, and red meat is a sure-trigger as I don't seem to be able to digest the meat quick enough. I took the Digestive Enzymes before double cheese burger and other junk food. It must have melted the meat nicely, as I didn't experience any discomfort afterward. Will get the full size on my next order.

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Not bad

Posted by iHerb Customer on Sep 18, 2009 | Verified Purchase

I give it 4 stars, because they worked just as well as the other digestive enzymes I have used, but I did not find it to be spectacular. I would buy them again.

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Very good to have this in sample size!

Posted by iHerb Customer on Jul 09, 2012 | Verified Purchase

Sample size was enough for me of this product to realize and feel the results. I purchased the whole bottle and will buy more of it!

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