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10/10 Meal Replacement Shake. Unique and Compatible with other Ingredients!

Posted by NzCleanConsumer on Jan 11, 2013

I have tried other GOL products and they're very unique compared to anything else on the market so I knew this Raw shake was going to be interesting. Just a quick note: Raw means nothing in it is cooked over 112 - 116 degrees. The benefits of this is the body treats it as living food which according to solid research is the best you can do for overall health. Opon opoening the container, smelling it then tasting it my partner and i were very pleased with it and we will stick with it too. People should do their own research on the company + Jordan Rubin the founder a great pioneer of the Raw Food movement :) With all the mineral and vitamin deficiencies around the globe you will be glad to know this shake is loaded with a full spectrum natural based vitamin and mineral blend. I still take a multi but knowing that this shake has all these positive nutrition benefits plus a flavor that you can get used to very quickly I'm giving it a 10/10. We added coconut water powder and water into a blender to make this shake plus a few ice cubes. Next time we Will be adding a banana to make it even more yummy and filling but as a stand alone product it's great as it is. This shake sets a gold standard in meal replacement shakes! It's  an Awesome meal replacement or just to add in extra nutrients into the diet if maybe you think your body can do with more nutrients. It has high fiber, high plant based protein, and is allergy free. And lastly it does contain coconut flour which some people may not be able to take but 99.99% of people would be good to go! So that's my review! To good health everyone :) From John Pilbrow and Catherine Ford (Paremata, New Zealand)

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Losing weight

Posted by Reviewer2532046 on Dec 18, 2012

I drink this for breakfast everyday. I mix it with Almond milk for a thick rich taste. The chocolate flavor actually tastes great with almond mix and decent with water. It keeps me feeling full until lunch. I also drink some for an afternoon snack rather than munching on something bad. It's only about 300 calories per serving and that greatly reduces my daily intake. I am losing weight thanks to this.

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Decent product

Posted by Reviewer2655720 on Aug 21, 2013

After reading the low rated reviews I opted to try anyway. So glad I did. I used 1 and 1/2 scoops (not 2) with ice and cold water in blender. Yes, it is a bit "textured". Flavor aftertaste of banana. Would prefer a deep chocolate flavor, thought cacao would have provided a nice chocolate yet it did not. Will add my own for flavor only. I feel absolutely great after drinking. I am so thrilled to be able to have LIVE food now. I cannot find it easily in grocery store. I throw so much weird flavorless gray foods away. Will use this instead. Thank you.

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Delicious taste… BUT…..????

Posted by 5682292315656043236 on Mar 27, 2014

I've tried Garden of Life, Raw Meal in Vanilla Chai flavor. As I mentioned in that review, the taste wasn't that bad, although it got really clumpy and dense after mixing it with water, or any dairy free milk in the blender. I had to drink it ASAP. I couldn't take 2 full scoops at a time. It was just impossible. It was like having pudding.. and not a pleasant one. I then decided to try another flavor. And yes, there were other reviews stating the horrible taste. So here is my review about the CHOCOLATE CACAO one: - Flavor: it is way better than vanilla chai flavor IF.. ONLY IF: you use one scoop in 1 cup of milk (I use almond, or organic soy). I've tried using 2 scoops at a time, and same thing, it gets extremely dense and clumpy. I suppose then that you will have to use way more of liquid, like 3 cups more or less). When using one scoop (this would be a snack, not a complete meal). And using a blender, with COLD milk, it tastes so good! for me, that I have a sweet tooth, it reminds me of a chocolate milkshake. I just love it! (some people might find it overpowering sweet… although it is sweetened with pure stevia) -Texture: It is not velvety smooth, it is grainy once its not mixed properly. So, use the blender! After a while, if you don't drink it, some "Sediments" will go to the bottom, and that makes it grainy. -Price: I think it is a good price for what you get. I don't take it every day, so it lasts for maybe 2 months, max 3. However, if you use it daily, and the full 2 scoops, you can finish the bottle pretty easy. But, I would think its the same with other protein powders? -The benefits: This thing is ORGANIC AND RAW. Just what I wanted. It has an amazing array of vitamins, minerals, and a blend of different kind of proteins that just makes my body feel good, and satisfied. Since using Raw Meal (vanilla chai and this), Ive notices a great improvement in my energy levels, and my overall feeling of my body. Also, Ive been loosing weight. (I do lots of exercise of course, and I am almost vegetarian). I think it is totally worth it at the long run. Maybe, after this one, I would try another brand, just to compare. -Overall: if you are looking for an organic and raw protein powder-meal replacement product, try this brand. If you have a sweet tooth, take this flavor! Specially if you love chocolate. Take note of the measurements… it can become grainy, very dense, and overpoweringly stevia like-sweet when using two scoops at suggested with very little liquid. My tip is to use COLD milk or water, whatever you prefer. I find it that when the liquid is cold, it mixes better and tastes better as well.

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Posted by 5540291318599121897 on Jun 13, 2013

I can't live without it. My colon's condition keep going very well.

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such a fine product

Posted by 4978399654583709818 on Jan 21, 2015

ive ordered a few tubs of this product over the last 2 years. i notice huge energy spikes when it's incorporated into my diet. it's a fine supplement that fills in the nutritional void that develops during the winter months when it's tough to forage quality wild greens. it has a plethora of high quality ingredients which are pure human food. also, i've read a lot of negative feedback on this product and it's absolutely laughable! so many people are complaining that it can taste bitter or too sweet, or like plants. guess what? it's made of plants! don't expect this to taste like a tiramisu... it's not a desert... it's a health supplement. and a fine one at that. i've tried more health supplements than the average person, and i must say, this is better tasting than most others; i really enjoy the flavour. if you're looking to improve your health and energy i highly recommend this product as a supplement.

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Posted by 5368912841310043519 on Feb 23, 2015

Covers everything you need. Highly nutritious. Not go ANY animal products..completely organic..just read the pack....I love it....

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what a product

Posted by 4811113491653310334 on Mar 22, 2014

Probably the best vegan shake out there.mixed with almond milk and a banana.Just great to start your day!

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Posted by Reviewer1777817 on Sep 03, 2013

A convenient meal-on-the-go, RAW Meal is suitable for almost anyone including those on vegetarian or vegan diets, those on low carbohydrate diets or those with gastrointestinal sensitivities to milk, whey, soy or other protein sources. I make smoothies with this twice daily. Perfect for pre-workout or even after workout meal 34g of Protein 16g Fiber is perfect ! I WILL BUY THIS PRODUCT AGAIN.

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First experience

Posted by 4913364011081047784 on Oct 08, 2013

I enjoy the taste, it is way better than most powder meals I tried in the past. I would not eat any product with additives, and this is vegan = I am going to buy more of it.

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