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My face is zit free!

Posted by Reviewer2676228 on May 19, 2010

I started taking Vitex two weeks ago and so far so good. I have had acne problems all my adult life. I`m 44 now and experiancing perimenopause symptoms since batlleing Breast Cancer last year. I had my homones tested and wanted to go natural to treat my symptoms. I never thought that Vitex would hep with my acne. No zits, no red bloches, my face is soft and clear. The dry patches of skin on my arms and back have cleared as well. Plus Vitex has boosted my energy and my mood. I feel happier and things dont bother me. Thank you!

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Great for women! Straightened out my hormones!!! ♥♥♥ Click on my username for more reviews!

Posted by gettingwell on Jul 10, 2013

This works! My hormones were a mess because I'm 49 now. I never knew when I was going to have my period, or if I'd have one at all, any given month. I even went 4mo. without a period before they returned. I started taking one a day and now, 6mo or so later, my hormones are that of a 30yr old!!! I would highly recommend taking this before you enter perimenopause because during that time you can develop a frozen shoulder (very painful!!!). That's what happened to me; it is usually the left shoulder and starts when you move your arm the wrong way (I was changing the sheets on my bed!) and it hurts in your shoulder, as if you pulled something. Go to a dr right away if this happens so that they can help you avoid it freezing. I wish I knew about this supplement earlier. UPDATE: I've had to increase my dosage to 2 a day and then 3 because I thought my system may have gotten used to them. Now I'm thinking that I am just menopausal. Still, they do help with emotions.

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It made me sick and nauseous

Posted by Reviewer2730079 on Apr 24, 2012

If you have experienced any side effects from taking multivitamins such as centrum, you shouldn't take this. I had a headache, upset stomach, and terrible nausea. Everything started with only one pill. Be careful if you have any signs of side effects on multivitamins and dietary supplements.

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Posted by Reviewer3060193 on Sep 27, 2011

I heard this herb can help hormonal acne. actually my acne is pretty much gone by taking EP oil for the last 3 months but I thought maybe Vitex can really terminate it. I read on the website that you really need to take for 4-8weeks to notice any difference so I bought 4 bottles. SADLY, this herb didn't help but made my skin WORSE. I just finished my period and now my skin is quite clear. I took 2 capsule yesterday before bed and this morning, I got a big lumpy deep pimple on my chin. I thought it was weird as I never had chin pimples after my period but always 1.5 weeks before my period. Anyway, 20mins ago I took another 2 capsules after dinner, now I got another big one on my chin. The reaction is so fast that I couldn't even believe it. I know some people may argue that I should give it a fair trial for at least 4 weeks but I am not going to take the chance. I believe if it doesn't feel right for you the first time, it won't in future. Now I have got 4 bottles sitting in my cupboard and 2 big cysts on my chin! Sigh, it is all part of my learning curve. So the suggestion to you is always get one bottle to try before making a long term commitment to any herb.

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Miracle worker

Posted by Reviewer1239553 on Jan 02, 2007

I have had consistent facial break outs for over 30 years, I knew it had something to do with my hormones but nothing I tried ever helped. It took a month or two, but it cleared up my skin completely!! A true miracle!!!

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Fighting PCOS

Posted by Reviewer1622160 on Nov 08, 2012

Great product! When I first was diagnosed with PCOS I was decided to try with Vitex. At first I was very sceptical. In the very begining I took three caps. per day. 10 days after I had my period back and was regular every 34 days. The dose from three caps. I had took three months and after the third months I drop the dose to 1 caps then I had a delay /54 days/ and after that my cycle bcome regularl 28-30 days. The problem was I experienced a brest pain 7-10 days before my period. In the end of the first three monts when I took 3 caps I investigate some of my hormons. Below I'll show the results before to start with Vitex and three months after: Glucose 5.53 mmol\l / 3.8-6.1/ Cholesterol tolal 6.47 mmol\l up to 5.0 Triglicerides 0.68 mmol\l up to 1.7 Cholesterol HDL 1.89 mmol\l more than 1.2 Cholesterol LDL 4.3 mmol\l up to 3.0 Cholesterol VLDL 0.3mmol\l Insulin 8.9 mkU\ml up to 15 Anrostendion 5.4 ng/ml 0.40-3.40 Prolactin 160.17 mlU/l 90-523 LH 9.6IU/l 1.9-8.0 FSH 6.39 IU/l 2.4-9.3 Estradiol 0.003 nmo\l 0.08-0.79 Testosreron 1.78 nmol\l 0.18-2.55 Blood was taken 3-5 day from the menstural cycle 21 day of the cycle: Progesteron: 2.00 nmol\l \ref.rang. 16.6 – 122.8\ These are the first investigation. And as well I have ultrasound. So I was diagnosed with PCOS. 15.09. 2011 – 15.12.2011 I took Nature’s way Vitex fruit 400 mg three times a day /1200 mg daily/. This dose was on the bottle after these three monts one must to drop the dose to 400 mg; What happend: I had my cycle back every 34 days but my breast was very painful. I did blood work but only progesteron and prolactin: progesteron: 40.79 nmol\l Prolactin 991.8 mIU/l High I drop the dose to 400 mg per day then the breast pain wasn’t so bad. My cycle was 28-33 days. 16.02.12 /3-5 day of cycle/ Prolactin 593.36 mlU\l Ref.range 90-523 LH 5.2 IU/l 1.9-8.0 FSH 4.89 IU/l 2.4-9.3 Estradiol 0.21 nmol/l 0.08-0.79 Androstendion 4.5 ng/ ml 0.4-3.4 7.03.12 /21 day of cycle/ Progesteron 27.82 nmo/l / ref. 16.6- 122/ Till the middle of July I took the same dose 400 mg Vitex fruit but I decide to drop the dose because of the breast pain and I switched to Natural Factors, Vitex Chasteberry Extract, 80 mg, 90 Capsules but I take 2 caps per day – 160 mg per day. Fist cycle was on 31st day but I suppose because of the first produst Vitex fruit 400 mg; next cycle was on 35th day and now it will be more than 36 days and as well the breast pain is the same. VITEX WORK AS YOU SEE AND INCREASE YOUR PROGESTERON LEVELS FROM 2 NMOL\L TO 4O NMOL/L.

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Posted by Reviewer1531069 on Oct 28, 2013

It changes my life. I see major changes in my mood, PMS, brest tenderness is gone (however I take kelp as well for that, so not sure what works better). I have been taking it for about 7-8 mos. No more acne either. Howeve, I will not buiy this particular brand again. It contains magnesium stearate whic his not good for you. I bought liquid version. No additives there.

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Posted by Reviewer2803267 on Oct 24, 2010

Well my cycle started on October 16th and after 7 days it still doesn't seem like it's going to leave. I'm happy that it finally started, after uping my dosage from two to three . However i hope it ends today. I started vitex on September 8, 2010 and my period came October 16,2010. So it does work because before then my period had been absent for four going on five months. All the negative side effects that i was having before have left.

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Major side affects!

Posted by Reviewer1189223 on Sep 16, 2010

I took vitex because I read that it can help some people with hormonal acne. I took it for two months. At first I thought it was making my skin less oily and perhaps it was. As time went on, I started seeing my veins get darker, varicose like and new spider veins started popping up daily and my legs began to throb. By the end of my second month I had horrifying PMS like I haven't had in years and my veins were a complete mess, so I decided to stop taking it after my last cycle. I also noticed that I felt very "unhealthy" the whole time I was taking it. I can remember saying in my head many times a day.... "I just don't feel well, I don't feel well, I don't feel right." Now that I'm off it, the onset of new varicose and spider veins is subsiding, my mood has improved and my overall wellbeing is so much better. I guess this just isn't a miracle for everyone and I would warn that adjusting your hormones can have many side affects including varicose veins, throbbing legs and changes to your cycle. (In my case negative changes) Be careful before taking this.

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Man hormone balancer,yeah.Priests weapon of choice!...you are welcome to rate & read my other reviews

Posted by PracticalReviews on Oct 19, 2013

lots of herbs rise up when talking about balancing the hormones of women and vitex is one of many.on the other end MEN always looks for a testosterone booster like a natural viagra or cialis,well this herb is the opposite of viagra and reduces the anxiety from the high demands of our female members,so this herb will just make you more "easy going" rather than the all night long duracell bunny if you know what i mean,sorry gals but we just have to rest sometimes.as all supplements its the body weight that counts so men should consider this and generally take larger dosage than women for it to work,i'm an average and take about 6 of these....you are welcome to rate & read my other reviews

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