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Posted by 101010011 on Sep 19, 2012

i buy this tea for the old lady for the sole purpose of food and cosmetic use. she likes to put matcha in her facial masks and in some of her japanese desserts that she concocts. i highly question the "artisan" quality that is stamped onto this tin. this is nothing more than food grade matcha in a cleverly printed 3oz can. first off, the tea has a brown hue instead of a vibrant green essence and it smelled quite stale, bordering on putrid. i scooped a few grams from my chashaku into my chawan and threw in around five ounces of some 175 degree filtered water. took a 120 bristle chasen and whisked for around 30 seconds....... no froth. it was the first time that i experienced a matcha that contained no volume and wouldn't hold a creamy froth on its top layer. dumped bowl and redid the same procedure from above, except this time used an 80 bristle chasen to whisk. still..... no froth. this was borderline amazing, and i was horrified to even take a sip of it. this was more like a scientific experiment to measure the quality of the powder that was sedentary in the container. at least the can is useful and this matcha has found its ways into practical methods that don't spell ingestion

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Better than expected

Posted by drewmastro on Jun 25, 2013

Hopefully I can solve some of the questions that you may have of this product after reading the reviews. I have been drinking matcha for years and have tried many brands, most of them incredibly expensive. This is not a top quality macha. That is why it doesn't cost over $100. What is the difference? It really is just the colour. This is not brown in colour, as some have described- it is a leafy, mossy green. Premium matcha IS more vibrant in colour but tastes the same. Some reviewers mentioned they weren't able to get a creamy foam on top when whisking- I have been able to on occasion- the water must be at the right temperature- not too hot or cold, however, with a premium product this does work every time. Considering the price and that matcha contains at least 5 times the antioxidants of loose-leaf green tea, I will definitely stop spending so much on this product again. The only difference between this and the more expensive brands is that, as they are greener they would contain more chlorophyll and marginally more antioxidants. If you are smart though (and not wealthy), you would realise that this product is still the wiser choice.

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Posted by Reviewer1486887 on Jan 26, 2012

Really nice Matcha and much cheaper than what you can get in the local health shop. I have given up coffee and have this in the mornings and it gives me a nice little boost. For those who say it doesn't dissolve - for matcha tea you are supposed to use a bamboo whisk to break down the powder first with a little hot water - however if you don't have a bamboo whisk, just use a small kitchen metal/silicone whisk in a wide cup.

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Tips and Tricks

Posted by Pertinax on Aug 03, 2012

If you are not using a bamboo matcha whisk, the simplest way to prepare matcha tea is as follows: In cup: Add a few drops of hot water to matcha powder and mix into a paste with spoon. Then add the remaining hot/cold water

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Posted by 4805669893195414179 on Dec 06, 2012

The matcha has already gone brown and doesn't foam. Tastes horrible. This is not high grade matcha at all! I ordered 2 cans based on these reviews and am very disappointed with it.

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Posted by Reviewer2818141 on Jun 05, 2012

Not nearly as good as I expected. First time after tasting this I get why it's said that green tea smells fishy to some people. It normally doesn't, but this one does (the really good sencha or matcha I've had smells more like grass). This went to my "lazy tea reserves", as in when I skip the brewing part in a hurry and just toss this in the water instead. If anything good the price is very low, the quantity is big (way less powdered tea is needed compared to regular), powdered form is fast&practical and I will save the nice can for storing better teas in the future.

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Posted by Reviewer2763337 on Mar 08, 2012

This is the only tea I have tried that I do love, I usually find tea, especially green tea to have a nasty aftertaste, but this just taste fresh and smooth. I take just a little in boiled warm but not hot water and a little agave-syrup.

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Delightful taste and so healthy

Posted by Reviewer2117336 on Feb 03, 2015

I love this tea as it is made with great care and this is reflected in it's taste. I am not usually a tea drinker but this matcha has changed my mind. The taste is wonderfully smooth and rich. I recommend it to everyone. IMPORTANT: To those who have found it bitter it is so because of the way in which you prepared it. You overheated it. It is not meant to be steeped in boiling water like ordinary teas. This tea is far from ordinary in taste, presentation and history. It is the tea used for the Japanese Tea Ceremony and also Samurai Warriors used to drink it just before going into battle. This teas does the Tao honor. Not only enjoy the time honored taste, the health benefits but also the ritual in preparing a cup for yourself or someone special to you. The price may seem quite high but considering all the care in making this tea it is worth every penny. My respect to those who grow and make this special matcha. One can not put a price on such an over all experience, health benefits and delicious taste of this rich in heritage tea.

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The Tao of Tea Matcha Green Tea

Posted by Reviewer2335047 on Sep 22, 2011

This is excellent tea! Had my first cup of Tao of Tea Matcha Green Tea tonight. After about 30 minutes or so, I felt more energy, more "grounded." It's now almost 11:00 p.m., 'didn't have afternoon nap, I'm not feeling tired or sleepy at all! I will definitely take the tea daily and reorder. California

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My first matcha tea

Posted by eathealthy on Jun 29, 2013

This is a nice organic matcha green tea with no fillers. Although it is a little pricey it is worth it. Using daily as a way to increase my greens intake and antioxidant intake. Very satisfied with this product. If you like my review check out my page by clicking eathealthy in blue above to see reviews of all the products I have purchased from iHerb!

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