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Packed with amazing new features to maximize your shopping experience!

Scan the QR Code with your phone to download the app or click on the badge below to go Google Play store.

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Customize Your Homepage

The iHerb Android App allows you to create shortcuts to your favorite product categories, health topics, and saved searches right on the homepage.

Remove an Icon

Long-press on any of the icons and drag it to the trash can.

Add an Icon

Tap the “+” icon to place a new customized icon.

All Of Your Favorite Products, Within Reach.

Whether it’s from the homepage, menu bar, or search box, you can find all of your favorite iHerb products quickly.


Tap the icons on your Homepage to see the all the products in the category or health topic.


Find all of our product categories and health topics by tapping on the menu icon or right-swiping from the edge of the screen.


Get results faster by searching for a product by name, description, product code or even UPC code!


Tap the “Refine” button on any product list to sort and filter the list to find exactly what you are looking for.

iHerb Android App iHerb Android App iHerb Android App iHerb Android App

Save Searches,
Save Time

The new iHerb Android app allows you to save frequently used search queries for later use. You can even create shortcuts to them right on your homepage.


When you tap “Refine” in your search result or any product list, you can sort, filter, and then save the specific search for the future.


Give your Saved Search a name, and save it to the Homepage or access it from My Saved Searches in the menu.

What You See Is What You Get

Our app contains large product images, detailed information, nutritional facts, and product reviews to ensure that you know exactly what you’re buying.

Get Up Close

Our large product images allow you to zoom-in to read the product details.


Read other customers’ reviews or write your own review to tell others about your experience with the products you’ve purchased.

Issues? No Issues.

You can now submit details regarding issues with your orders directly from the app. Our Customer Service department will get back to you within 24 hours.

Quick and Easy,
At Home and away

Check on the status of previous orders or place new orders, all with the knowledge that with our Secure Checkout process, your personal information is secure.

Ready, Set, Shop.

Explore the app and try out the new features, we’re sure you will enjoy your shopping experience.

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