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iHerb empowers hundreds of social influencers to share the best health, beauty and sports nutrition products with audiences from 100+ countries. We pay these content creators over $1 million per month in commission. Start earning today.

Why Influencers Love iHerb

  • Unlimited income potential with instant sign up and simple cash out
  • Your own unique Rewards Code and Rewards Link work anywhere in the world
  • Commissions paid on all new and on over 7 million existing customers
  • Exclusive discounts of up to 70% and referral commissions of up to 50% (highest discounts and commissions are possible with Super Rewards offers available to all iHerb influencers)
  • Not a social influencer? You can use the iHerb Rewards Program to save money for friends and family! Learn more

Why Customers Love iHerb

  • Best overall value in over 30,000 trusted health, beauty and sports nutrition products
  • iHerb brand recognition since 1996 with 60+ supported currencies in 100+ countries
  • Over 300 exclusive, unique products from iHerb's own house brands
  • Global website and mobile app in 13 languages with live chat support 7 days a week
  • Free or discounted delivery with expedited shipping available in most markets
  • Multiple air-conditioned warehouses around the world

Three Simple Steps

  1. Create an account and place an order for any amount
  2. Go to Rewards Overview section, look up your Rewards Code and Rewards Link, and start promoting them worldwide
  3. Get paid


How does the iHerb Rewards Program work for Influencers?

iHerb enables social influencers anywhere in the world to share their love for health, beauty and sports nutrition products with their audiences from 100+ countries. You can earn commissions for promoting over 30,000 trusted products, including over 300 products from iHerb’s own global brands. The signup is instant, while your earnings are easy to track and simple to cash out.

How difficult is it to join this program?

Any influencer can join instantly. All you need to do is create an account, make your first purchase, and go to Rewards Overview section to look up your Rewards Code.

How do I earn iHerb Rewards Credits?

Rewards Credits simply means commissions in your account that you earned for referring customers to iHerb. A new or existing customer must make a purchase using your Rewards Code or Rewards Link in order to generate a Rewards Credit for you. Your Rewards Credit is at least 10% for new customers and at least 5% for existing customers, while customer discounts may vary from offer to offer. The highest discounts (up to 70%) and highest commissions (up to 50%) are possible with Super Rewards offers available to all iHerb influencers. Once you have made your first purchase and received your own Rewards Code, visit the Super Rewards page of your account for more information about our current Super Rewards offers that you can share with your audiences.

What is the maximum limit for my earnings?

There is no earnings limit with iHerb Rewards. iHerb pays over $1 million in commissions every month to our content creators around the world. You could become one of them tomorrow.

How can I promote my Rewards Code and Rewards Link?

Simply share your Rewards Code or Rewards Link with your followers anywhere in the world. You must comply with our Terms of Use when promoting your code. There are three ways to share your code with anyone:

  • Tell them to enter your Rewards Code at checkout
  • Share your unique link (the Rewards Code is embedded)
  • Share in iHerb App and on the web: just log in and use the Share Widget

Do you offer special deals to maximize my commission?

Yes! Visit the Communication Preferences page to enable all your email notifications to be sure that you don’t miss any advance notifications from us about upcoming specials that allow you to earn more money on certain products and allow your audiences to enjoy amazing savings.

How can I cash out my Rewards Credit?

Once you receive a Rewards Credit from any transaction, it will be in Pending Status for 30 days. When your Rewards Credit changes from Pending to Available Status, you will have 180 days to cash out your funds. You can cash out your Rewards when you have at least $300 of Available Rewards at the end of any given month. Reward amounts below $300 are rolled over to next month. There is no upper limit to how much you can cash out. Also watch for upcoming announcements in the next 90 days to learn more about our new cashout solutions.

How is each sale attributed?

In the industry, this is referred to as “last click” and is the most common form of attributing referred orders. Your Rewards Code must be entered in the shopping cart, or must be in the URL you share to properly attribute the order to you. Here is what your Rewards Link would look like with your code embedded in it (this example uses code AAAA1111):