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Posted on Jan 22, 2022


I got this for my mother who is 71. She hasn't been able to hold her pee in since the 70's. It started with minor leaks and grew to be completely incontinent by the late 90's. Usually if she has to pee she cannot hold it at all. As soon as she gets the urge to go, it just comes out on its own in no way of holding in even a little of it. She never had an issue with urgency, or having to making many trips to the bathroom per day. She took these and before 2 weeks she already had a result. In the first week she reported that she was able to get to the toilet a few times and had less accidents than usual. The middle of the second week she noticed one day she went the entire day without an accident. She made it to the bathroom each time she got the urge to go and she didn't have to rush at all! She has not had ANY leakage since the first week!! My mother is so happy now she is confident to travel and stay out longer in public without fear her depends or other products she was using will not hold up. She has a normal bladder now! She was on a medicine called Oxybutynin (Brand name: Ditropan) for a few years and it worked but her insurance stopped covering it. This is a natural product with no risk of use that works BETTER than that medicine. You can't replicate or defeat nature. Before she tried this product, she had expressed she wanted to wear regular underwear again since depends were very bulky and inconvenient for changing. I purchased her some that were regular panties with a lining inside (like menstrual panties). She loves them and now she is 100% confident she will be safe to go where she needs to go in public. This product changed my mother's life. Her birthday just passed and she was able to wear actual underwear on it. I've never seen her this confident. It seems like she grew younger over night!
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