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Posted on Oct 31, 2022
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this gold bottle and the classic blue bottles carry similar ingredients, but this one more strongly scented, so I assume the GOLD bottle is more concentrated, or has more herbal ingredients. my 15yr hair loss told me that supplements and overall health and well being is definitely more important than 'hair loss' shampoos. this is a pretty good supplement since it provides copper, peptides, keratin and silicon. however, fighting hair loss is NOT a situation that one single product that can reverse. A lot of women have thyroid issues, blood sugar and blood pressure issues which need to be addressed to combat hair fall. I eat 5 [moringa seeds] a day and my blood sugar/pressure are all good. Plus, here is my hair growth arsenal and tips: 1. as you can see, I bot so many shampoos but I find that unecessary. fancy conditioners/shampoos/treatments are all unnecessary if your hair loss is dht/genetic/stress related. they work on hair strands but not the scalp. even shampoos with dht blockers are unnecessary. it doesn't stay on your scalp long enough. for shampoos, get one with good organic/natural ingredients, and get one with [ketoconazole] (not zinc pyrithione) and salicylate and use alternately. iherb carries shampoos with really good ingredients but I realized I don't really need them all, esp. if you're on a budget. 2. hair oiling - never let them stay longer than 1hr. I let mine stay overnight and found that even more hair fall off. if dry scalp/ weather, do it more often, 3 times/wk is fine. if oily/humid, 1t/wk is enough. add your own essential oils [mint, rosemary,cedar,geranium, helichrysum,tea tree] to a cheap Ayurvedic oil base [Amla,bhringraj,neem,brahmi,etc.]. 2 brands [patanjali & mayur] are cheap and good. make sure to avoid petrol based oils. those two brands have many herbs and are sesame/coconut oil based and is under 10usd/bottle. 3. growth serums - this is where you need to invest money on, not shampoos. these are not supposed to be washed away. for iherb brands, I've tried [Hair ResQ/Purador/Andalou]. They are relatively cheap and have some really good stuff (e.g. stem cells) so I alternate them with the more expensive non-iherb brands - [Dr graft (kr)/ ageless clinic (kr)/ revivserums(us)/tricomin(us). the ones with the most comprehensive ingredient lists are AC and reviv. Tricomin is a definite NO because it is extremely expensive for the ingredients that it carries. it doesn't come with any packaging either, so you don't know if it's a brand new product. graft,AC,reviv all boasts different combos of peptides so I don't mind trying them all. AC and reviv (optional) even come with Greyverse which reverses grey hair, supposedly. 4. others - I have more tips but can't write more due to word limit. plus check out my other reviews on hair products.