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Posted on Mar 6, 2022


Solaray Children's Chewable Vitamins & Minerals Natural Black Cherry Flavor comes in a fairly large white plastic jar. On the jar there is a branded sticker with the brand logo, the name of the vitamins. I wonder if it really tastes like cherry? There are 120 vitamins in a jar. Taking into account the fact that my daughter is already 4 years old, the package will last for 2 months, 2 pieces a day. On the reverse side, the composition of vitamins and minerals is prescribed. I liked the composition and the percentage, there is a hope that something will be assimilated)). Here and vitamin A, and D, and B vitamins, zinc, and other important components. The packaging is securely closed with a plastic screw cap with protection against the sweet tooth of the kids. In addition, an intact protective membrane was present upon arrival. Also on the packaging are the details of the manufacturer. Vitamins in the jar are not to the eyeballs, in the amount of 120 pieces. It is recommended to take 2 pieces per day. My daughter is 4 years old, just her daily dose. So one jar is enough for two months, it turns out quite economically. Vitamins are presented in the form of tablets, quite large. Pinkish color, with patches. The tablets are about 1 cm, not too big, but not too small either. As for the use, they are similar in organoleptic properties to ascorbic acid in tablets, in pharmacies these are sold in a rustling wrapper, quite hard. Vitamins can be absorbed, gnawed or chewed, which our baby does with pleasure. The first time it was with distrust, you never know what these parents slipped)), but now with pleasure.
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