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Shipping Information for China

iHerb is a US company serving customers worldwide since 1996 and ships to over 150 different countries! All iHerb orders are shipped directly from our warehouses in the US located in California, Kentucky, Illinois, Pennsylvania and one in South Korea. Please see below information about the country selected.

CN China

Available Shipping Methods

ECMS SF Express

For CERI Clearance, Chinese customs requires the order Buyer and Payee must be the same. China Customs also requires the "Payee" information to exactly match with the "Cardholder" information registered with payment companies for all orders shipping into China. Please kindly confirm before making the purchase.

General Information

  • Due to the fluctuations of the exchange rate, orders with value very close to the tax-free limit may be assessed Duties and Taxes (D&T) as the currency exchange rate may vary from the order date to the customs clearance date.
  • Please check with your local customs office in China to see if you can import the items, and if any additional licenses or permits are needed.
  • iHerb does not provide wholesale accounts.
  • Placing multiple orders within a short period of time can cause customs clearance and order release delays

Customs Information

  • All duties and taxes are based on China Customs' calculation. For more information about customs, import duties, etc., visit: General Administration of Customs of the People’s Republic of China.
  • According to the Customs Laws of the People's Republic of China,
    • Personal Express Clearance (PCR) : RMB 1,000per order.
    • Cross-Border Clearance (CERI):must not exceed RMB 5,000 per order. The annual limit for an individual will be RMB 26,000 (Not limited to iHerb purchases). To avoid customs delays or confiscation, please check your annual personal limit before making the purchase,.
  • iHerb respects all decisions made by Chinese Customs.
  • iHerb will not be liable for packages held or confiscated by customs.

  • Identification Information

    • Customers must submit identification information to iHerb when placing the order. Correct identification and contact information must be provided in order to avoid any delay or cancellation of the order.
    • China Customs or carriers may contact customers with the phone number/email address provided to ask for photo ID copies.


    • All iHerb products are registered with Chinese Customs to calculate duties. New products will not be available for a purchase until the registration process is complete.
    • SF Express: DDP (Delivered Duties Paid) service is now available for shipments to China. All duties, taxes, and import fees are pre-collected at the time of checkout to expedite Customs Clearance; no further payments are required at the time of delivery.
    • ECMS Express: DDP (Delivered Duties Paid) service is now available for shipments to China. All duties, taxes, and import fees are pre-collected at the time of checkout to expedite Customs Clearance; no further payments are required at the time of delivery.
      • Final mile delivery will be performed by JD Logistic.
    • Please provide your shipping address in Chinese characters, not in English. Otherwise, your order may be delayed and iHerb will not be held responsible.
    • Please check that your shipping address, phone number and email address are complete and correct.
    • All iHerb orders are shipped out from our California warehouse to the destination countries by Air Freight.


    • Damage compensation: If the parcel is damaged, please accept it first and then contact iHerb and carriers.
    • SF shipping: Please contact [email protected] and cc to [email protected].
    • ECMS shipping: Please contact [email protected] and cc to [email protected].
    • Please inform us the details of the damaged/lost items: order #, tracking #, product name, code, quantity, amount, damage description, 4+ proof pictures.
    • All damage claims should be reported to iHerb within 5 business days upon receiving your package.

    Restrictions Information

    • At iHerb, we respect the rules and regulations of Chinese government and do our best to block Customs prohibited products from our site. However, please be aware, the following substances are not allowed to be imported into China: red sorghum, raw flaxseed, raw seeds, aloe, (except aloe vera), raw beans, and products containing hemp or meat (such as jerky).
    • Products for pets may be held by the China Customs office.
    • Customs inspection may cause a clearance delay if your order includes above products.

    Contact Us

    • Click here to get connected with iHerb's customer service.
    • For simple questions, messages or to follow us, visit Facebook, Sina weibo or iHerb购物网, or Wechat “iHerbCom”
    • Damage/loss claims should all go through [email protected].

Available Payment Methods

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