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Autoship and Save FAQ

How does it work?

Where is Autoship and Save offered?

How do I cancel my subscription?

How do I change the frequency of deliveries?

How do I skip my next delivery?

How do I change the quantity of an item(s) in my subscription?

How do I change the shipping address for my subscription?

How do I change the payment method for my subscription?

What payment methods are accepted for Autoship and Save?

What happens if I subscribe to a product and the price changes later?

Will I be reminded before my subscriptions are delivered?

Are there any membership fees for the Autoship and Save service?

Do you offer an Autoship & Save discount?

How does iHerb Rewards work with Autoship & Save subscriptions?

Does my Available Rewards Credit auto-apply to my Autoship & Save subscriptions?

Do you offer free shipping?

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