Over the years, we’ve seen food trends evolve. In the ‘90s, low-fat everything was in. Today we see a push for higher-fat foods reflected in popular diets, like keto and other low-carb styles of eating. Sheet pan meals, plant-based eating, zero-waste cooking, and gut health are other food and health trends that have become popular in recent years. 

Similarly, drink trends tend to ebb and flow with the times. Moon Milk is one beverage trend you may have heard of recently, and there are a handful of others I anticipate you’ll be seeing more of in 2022. 

Here is all you need to know about Moon Milk and this year’s other wellness drink trends. 

Moon Milk—An Ayurvedic Tradition Gone Trendy

Ayurveda is a natural system of medicine that emerged in India more than 3,000 years ago. Many traditional Ayurvedic remedies have made their way into contemporary health practices.  One remedy that has recently gained popularity across social media is moon milk. 

What’s In Moon Milk and Will It Induce Sleepiness?

In Ayurveda, moon milk is commonly used to induce sleepiness. While you will see many variations of this drink, the base of it is warm milk, a variety of spices, oil, and adaptogenic compounds. These compounds are thought to help your body respond better to stress, anxiety, and fatigue, and improve overall well-being.

Cow’s milk naturally contains the amino acid tryptophan. Tryptophan is a precursor to melatonin, the hormone that makes you sleepy and helps you fall asleep. 

If you don’t drink dairy milk, no worries—you can use any milk of your choice when making moon milk. Even without the natural tryptophan in dairy milk, the supplemental adaptogens typically added to moon milk can enhance your body’s ability to relax and de-stress. 

Some of the common spices used to create moon milk include turmericcardamom, and cinnamon. Many recipes also include a minimally processed sweetener, like honey or agave nectar, and a fat, like coconut oil or ghee. To simplify the process, you can also find pre-made mixes that you can add to your own milk. 

Drinks With Health Benefits

Moon milk has become trendy recently in part because it offers unique health benefits, like aiding in a good night’s sleep. I expect we’ll be seeing more ready-to-drink and homemade recipes for beverages with health benefits this year. 

Probiotic Beverages

Homemade kombucha starter kits appeal to people looking to make their own version of this traditional fermented tea that is rich in probiotics and may support gut health. Similarly, I expect we’ll see more canned soda-like beverages that contain pre- and probiotics to improve gut health, as well. 

Green Drinks

You’ve likely seen smoothie and juice shops pop up around your town. You may even include smoothies in your wellness regimen already. 

The popularity of “green drinks” will likely continue to increase. While it is best to consume your fruits and veggies in their whole form with your meals and snacks, this may not always be realistic for everyone. 

Whether you don’t care for many fruits and veggies, or you aren’t in a habit of eating them several times per day, green powders can be a good alternative to ensure you are getting a wide variety of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants daily. 

Green powders are already widely available. Consider trying other supplemental powders mixed with your green powder, or even on their own. 

Drink Your Beets

Beets offer many nutritional benefits, like supporting nitric oxide production, aiding in cardiovascular health, and providing valuable antioxidants.1 Not everyone loves the taste of beets. Luckily there are tasty options for beet powder that you can add to plain water, your favorite smoothie, or a green drink. 

Tasty Turmeric

Similarly, turmeric-containing powders will likely gain in popularity this year. Known for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits, turmeric has been used for centuries in cooking. More recently, supplements of turmeric and its active constituent curcumin have gained popularity. 

Turmeric is known for its bright yellow color. While you can add the fresh root or dried spice to your food and beverages, ready-to-drink mixes make it much easier to include this healthful spice daily. 

Plant-Based Beverages

Over the past several years you’ve likely been hearing more and more about plant-based eating. While some may choose to limit their consumption of animal products for cultural reasons, others may do so to curb their environmental impact, for ethical reasons, or to improve their health. 

Research shows plant-based eating may help lower body mass index (BMI), blood cholesterol, and blood pressure levels, and may help improve blood sugar metrics.2 Additionally, eating more plants and fewer animal products is cost-effective, making it a more affordable way to eat. 

In 2022, you will likely continue to see more emphasis on plant-based eating—and that goes for beverages, too. 

Plant-Based Protein Drinks

When it comes to protein drinks, whey protein is likely the most well-known form of protein powder. Whey is nutritionally dense, but because it is produced from dairy, it is less ideal for those following plant-based eating plans. 

When choosing among the many types of protein powders, it really comes down to your dietary and flavor preferences. Plant-based protein powder will continue to become more popular as research supporting the benefits of eating more plant foods spurs continued product development. 

Plant-based proteins are often made from a variety of plant protein sources, like peasoybrown rice, seeds, and hemp

Another benefit of using plant-based proteins is they are typically higher in fiber than animal-based options, making them beneficial for the digestive tract, too. 

Milk Alternatives

Recently, oat and hemp milk have joined the ranks of popular milk alternatives like almond, rice, and soy milk. Potato milk is a new addition to the market that you may see on your grocery shelves this year. Like other non-dairy milks, potato milk isn’t a dense source of protein—but it does provide a wide variety of other nutrients, like vitamin DcalciumB12, and folic acid

Do-It-Yourself Smoothie Kits

Another beverage trend that will likely gain popularity this year is kits for making your own smoothies at home. These kits aren’t new, but the convenience they offer will continue to make them a popular household item. 

While you can buy your own individual smoothie ingredients, like fresh or frozen fruit, veggies, seeds, liquids, protein powders, and nutritional enhancers, some appreciate the simplicity of a kit that combines everything in one. Smoothie kits reduce the number of groceries you have to purchase and the time spent prepping your breakfast smoothie. 

And you can add your own ingredients to customize the flavor and nutritional profile. For example, a kit that contains fruits, veggies, and seeds may fall short in protein—so adding a scoop of your own protein powder or Greek yogurt may be a good addition. 

If you are really into smoothie making and prefer to take them on the go, invest in an insulated bottle to help keep your smoothie chilled.  

Green Storage Containers

Lastly, in 2022 we’ll continue to see a push for using less plastic and more reusable bottles and straws. While insulated bottles are great for keeping your beverages cold or hot, any reusable bottle—insulated or not—is far more economical and environmentally friendly than a single-use plastic water bottle. 

According to some estimates, it can take hundreds of years for a single plastic water bottle to decompose, leading to a dramatic build-up of garbage in landfills. Additionally, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) estimates that a single plastic straw may take 200 years to decompose.3 

In place of plastic straws and bottles, 2022 will likely bring us more environmentally friendly options. In addition to reusable water bottles, reusable metal straws and biodegradable paper straws will likely become increasingly popular. 

Try Something New in 2022

While you may already be familiar with some of these beverage trends, others may be new to you. Use this list as a springboard and broaden your horizons by trying some of these food and beverages that are trending in 2022. You may find a healthier alternative to a drink you already enjoy or one that leaves less impact on the planet. 

As with all food, drink, and supplement recommendations, be sure to check with your physician before introducing new products that may affect your health or interact with medications you may be taking. 


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