Growing up, when we would go out for dim sum, my mom would always insist on ordering a chicken feet dish for herself, claiming that it was full of collagen. I never understood how she could eat such a gross-looking dish but now that I am getting older, I find myself doing the same — ordering chicken feet just for myself. 

‌‌‌‌Why Do We Care So Much About Collagen?

Collagen is a protein that naturally occurs in our body and maintains the skin’s structure, retains water, and supports smooth, elastic, plump skin. In fact, it is the most abundant protein in the body. It’s likened to a trampoline because it acts as the supportive base to give a bouncy appearance to our skin. Think: babies have cheeks that can bounce off a ball coming their way. My cheeks cannot do that anymore.

Once we turn 20, our collagen production decreases. How so? Our dermis layer produces 1% less collagen each year after the age of 20. And because of this, we no longer have the superelastic “baby cheeks” we used to have. Because our collagen and elastin fibers aren’t strong enough, that is what causes skin sagging and wrinkles. This is all part of the natural stages of aging. Aside from that, other factors such as pollution, sun damage, bad eating habits, smoking, etc. can all contribute to the loss of collagen.

‌‌‌‌What Can We Do About Collagen Loss?

To slow down the loss of collagen from our skin, we can supplement that with skincare products containing collagen or ingredients that help to slow down the loss of collagen, as well as food and supplements. I personally believe in a holistic approach where you have to supplement a solid skincare routine with the right food, supplements, and lifestyle.

On top of that, blindly taking collagen supplements and collagen-infused skincare products does not mean it will naturally boost the collagen levels in your body. Not all collagen is created equal. For example, applying any collagen topically to the skin doesn’t directly lead to collagen development because most collagen molecules are too large to even penetrate the skin. While the jury is still out on the direct impact collagen creams have on our skin, my firm belief is that just like eating a generally healthy diet can only do further good for us, collagen creams that are formulated the right way can be beneficial for us. When the collagen product is paired with skincare technology and other synergistic ingredients, I believe it can help to maintain and improve one’s skin condition significantly. And with that, let me introduce you to today’s hero, the new Missha Atelo Collagen 500 Power Plumping Cream.

‌‌‌‌What Is Missha Atelo Collagen 500 Power Plumping Cream?

This power cream is Missha’s latest dive into the anti-aging category. It is a moisturizer that has gone through enzyme processing and dozens of experiments to deliver safe, low-molecular, fast-penetrating, collagen into the skin.

The “500” in Missha’s Atelo Collagen 500 Power Plumping Cream comes from the fact that the cream contains 500 daltons of small molecular fish collagen along with French atelo collagen.  As hinted earlier, the size of a typical collagen molecule is 300,000 Da, which is very hard for the skin to absorb. But the collagen molecules in the Missha cream are 500 Da or below as they use a low molecular U-active CollaTriPep derived from marine sources (which typically have a lower molecular count than bovine collagen sources). The fish collagen itself is obtained by hydrolyzing collagen with an enzyme in order to ensure the skin can achieve elasticity inside and out. Beyond the low-molecular hydrolyzed collagen it uses, the company also uses a patented absorption processing method to boost the overall penetration into the skin. This is extremely special as most existing collagen products out in the market do not have this technology and the product tends to sit on top of the skin barrier without getting absorbed into the deepest layer.

‌‌‌‌My Missha Atelo Collagen 500 Power Plumping Cream Review

Packaging-wise, I like the fact that the nozzle is very small so I can easily control the amount that is dispensed in a sanitary manner. When you first dispense the cream, there are these grainy substances within the cream, and these are collagen capsules formulated with low-molecular collagen, hyaluronic acid, and 50% of the atelo collagen formula. As you spread the texture out, the grains “burst” and smear and absorb into the skin perfectly, leaving a very moist feeling.

I think for oily skin, this is hydrating enough to be used as a serum/moisturizer while for dry skin, this is the perfect last step to use in your skincare routine morning and night to lock the moisture in. The way I have been liking to use it is to apply a very light layer all over my skin while using another light layer to focus it on areas with fine lines and my laugh lines. I especially like using this method as part of my nighttime routine because it can work its magic while I sleep so I wake up to a more plump look the next morning.

‌‌‌‌Final Thoughts On Missha Atelo Collagen 500 Power Plumping Cream 

I am pleasantly surprised by this new collagen cream and it is also priced on the affordable side compared to a lot of other collagen products out in the market. Unless it is coupled with crazy technology, I don’t think you have to spend a fortune in order to supplement your skin with collagen. This is a very well formulated product that is suitable for all skin types and it’s a win in my books!