Increase the length and thickness of eyelashes with these natural tips and tricks.

Long eyelashes are considered a mark of beauty, but many people have naturally stubby lashes. Extensions are a temporary solution, but they may damage lashes in the long run. Instead of relying on these quick fixes, try natural tips that may help lashes grow longer.

Apply Oil for Lash Lengthening

Several types of oils are said to boost lash growth. One reason for this is that oils contain fatty acids that may nourish the lashes. Oil also surrounds eyelashes with a protective layer so that they can resist damage and don't break or fall out as easily. Finally, applying oil to the lashes may encourage healthy blood flow to the follicles and the surrounding tissue.

Oils to Use to Encourage Longer Lashes:

To try this lash-growth method, coat the length of the lashes with one or more of the above oils. Be sure to go from the base to the tip. Be gentle so that eyelashes aren't accidentally pulled out.

Use Green Tea to Promote Lash Growth

Green tea contains healthy compounds known as flavonoids. Applying green tea to the lash area may deliver the benefits of flavonoids to the hair follicles. The tea can also help cleanse the skin, which may promote lash growth as well.

To try this method, brew tea with hot water. Allow the tea to cool before using it. Pour cooled tea on a cotton ball and wipe it along the length of the lashes. Wipe the tea off after five minutes.

Make a Homemade Eyelash Serum

Lash serums combine the effects of multiple beneficial oils into one blend. Homemade blends are customizable so that users can select their favorite scents and oils.

Try the following recipe for a homemade eyelash serum that may increase length and thickness.



  1. Blend castor oil and coconut oil in a glass bottle with a lid.
  2. Add both essential oils to the bottle. Stir to combine.
  3. Cover the bottle with a lid. Store it in a cool, dry place.
  4. Use a cotton swab to wipe the serum along the length of the lashes before bed every night.

Massage Lashes Daily

Well-nourished follicles provide the best environment in which lashes can grow. Increasing blood flow to the nearby tissue can help contribute to follicle health. Gently massaging the lash line daily may increase blood flow to the area. Using things like grapeseed oil and aloe vera while massaging, may also help.

Using a lash comb every day is a variation of this idea. Like massaging the lashes combing them may promote blood flow to the area. Plus, the comb will help spread skin's natural oils along the length of the lashes, which can help them look thicker and provide growth-promoting strength.